President Biden to take action on 3D printer weapons

President Biden to take action on 3D printer weapons
Weapon made by 3D printer, Source: Web

On Friday, American President Joe Biden, considering executive directives intended to decrease gun violence after two mass shootings killed a total of 18 persons, said that the current administration is digging out whether he has authority to conduct an action on guns manufactured using 3D printers and imported firearms.

As Democratic-supported weapon control law deals with the difficult battle in the United States Congress because of GOP disapproval, President Joe Biden could plan to impose executive orders in particular regions without the support of lawmakers.

In Delaware, Joe Biden (the Democratic President) described to news reporters that they are looking at what sort of authority he has relative to imported guns, as well as whether or not he has the authority.

President even cited that these new guns that are being manufactured by 3D apparatus that are not registered as guns at all. He said there might be some liberty there as well.

The weapon made by 3D printers and homemade guns have been a cause of controversy. Moreover, some of the American states have struggled to limit the trade of blueprints that demonstrate people to make them.

President Biden to take action on 3D printer weapons
President Joe Biden,
Source: Web

Biden publicly committed to gun violence

President Biden has openly committed to this matter, especially after two mass shootings that have taken 18 lives in Colorado and Georgia within a couple of days. Furthermore, the White House has described that it requires to review actions to make sure that they have a strong basis in legislation and can easily pass through an expected lawful challenge.

Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary) described news reporters that they have to pass through a review procedure. She continued that President Joe Biden would approve an executive directive on weapons but didn’t mention when. She said that they have to handle this epidemic, handle the threat of weapon violence across several avenues, and he will. Psaki concluded that President Biden committed to doing that.

On Tuesday, President Biden stressed the Senate to pass two legislations that are already approved by the Democratic-led House on 11 March to increase background checks on weapon buyers. Moreover, he also wants a national restriction on assault-style guns. The earlier gun restriction expired in 2004.