North Korea fired two anonymous short-range projectiles – South Korea

South Korea claimed that North Korea fired two short-range projectiles

The military officials of South Korea said on Monday that North Korea fired two unknown short-range missiles from a region near the coastal city of Wonsan into the sea between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that the projectiles fired at local 12:37 p.m. and projected a flight distance of 149 miles (240 km) and altitude of 22 miles (35 km).

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that objects are possibly a part of the combined military drills of North Korea. The exercises started on Friday, the 1st anniversary of Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea summit meeting in Hanoi with the United States President Trump that ended without any agreement. State media of North Korea reported that Kim Jong headed over the exercise, projected to examine the mobility and the ability of the firepower strike of their defense units.

Defense Ministry of Japan said that they didn’t confirm if the missiles landed inside its region or exclusive economic zone. The ministry also reported no damage to vessels or aircraft in the area. The Defense Ministry termed the latest North Korean launch of ballistic projectiles a severe issue for the global community, including Japan. According to Presidential Blue House of South Korea, Chung Eui-Yong, the South Korean Director of National Security, along with other ministers are holding an urgent summit to converse the recent missile launch.

North Korea fired two anonymous short-range projectiles – South Korea

Kim insists on to Develop Nuclear Weapons

The military of South Korea is watching the movements for probable unusual launches and sustaining its readiness, according to the statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the case of the missile test, it would be the first test of Pyongyang in 2020. Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, said previous year that his country continues to make nuclear weapons as well as the ballistic missiles to deliver them unless the U.S. changes course.

According to weapons experts, the test-firing missiles is an important practice to improve their consistency and accuracy. In 2019, North Korea led many projectile launches as the diplomatic relations between the Washington and Pyongyang started to falter, whereas the nation navigated clear of testing long-range missiles or exploding nuclear weapons underground.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Neighboring South Korea is facing with the massive outbreak of COVID-19 by infecting over 4,250 and killing at least twenty-six. However, North Korea not officially report any novel coronavirus cases inside the country, but some experts say that the virus also made its way inside the country. On the other hand, all other countries in East Asia confirmed several cases of infected and deaths. South Korea and the United States decided to suspend military exercises because of the outbreak.