New Coalition Government Ousted Netanyahu’s 12 Years Long Rule

An arrival of new government to continue Israel's operations

New Coalition Government Ousted Netanyahu's 12 Years Long Rule
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On Sunday, the Parliament of Israel closely voted in favor of a fresh government headed by Naftali Bennett (the right-wing politician) that ends the twelve-year supremacy of Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as the nation’s longest-serving Prime Minister).

Parliament of Israel, the Knesset, supported the incoming government, an unexpected alliance of 8 disparate Israeli political parties, sixty to fifty-nine with one abstention.

Naftali Bennett to take powers as prime minister

The former assistant of Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, is going to be taking office as prime minister of Israel. Moreover, Netanyahu was the head of the right-wing Yamina party.

According to the power-shifting agreement, the job will be shifted to the leader of the Centrist Yesh Atid party (Yair Lapid). Furthermore, the incoming Israeli government is compiled of the political alliances spanning the political spectrum, including the UAL (United Arab List), which acted as the 1st Arab party to collaborate with an Israeli ruling alliance.

The broader range of religious and political ideologies is expected to pose a key task to the efficiency of the incoming government, which is likely to a more modest program.

New Coalition Government Ousted Netanyahu's 12 Years Long Rule
New Coalition Government Ousted Netanyahu’s 12 Years Long Rule,
Source: Web

On Sunday, ahead of the confidence vote, Naftali Bennett described that they halted the train before the abyss. Moreover, he said that the time has come for different leaders, from all parts of the people to halt this madness.

The incoming government was made during a phase of political uproar in the country. Benjamin Netanyahu had frequently remained unsuccessful in securing sufficient alliance partners to grasp a majority in Parliament. Furthermore, the territory was also previously stunned by a deadly attack between Israel and militant Hamas leaders of Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s defeat acts as the crisis phase for the country after the defeat of its longest-serving Prime Minister. Besides this, Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled the country for fifteen years, with the previous twelve years repeatedly.

On Sunday morning, he pledged a return to power, describing in a speech that he will keep continuing the great mission of his life, ensuring Israeli security. He concluded that if it meant for them to be in the opposition, they would do it with their backs straight until they topple this dangerous govt and return to lead the nation in their way.