Mom charged with murder due to missing of stepson, Gannon Stauch, Colorado boy

Mom charged with murder due to missing of stepson, Gannon Stauch, Colorado boy

On Monday, Letecia Stauch, the Stepmother of Colorado-11-years-missing-boy-Gannon-Stauch, was caught due to the murder of her son, said by authorities.

Stepmother was arrested and taken into charge in South Carolina, United States. On Monday, El-Paso county’s sheriff, Bill Elder, reported at a news conference that she wouldn’t have any bond in Horry County before she handed over to Colorado Springs.

Gannon’s mom, Landen Hiott, was calling with emotions that incident as a ‘nightmare’ for her, at Monday’s media conference.

Landen Hiott, even told, she trusted Letecia Stauch, the stepmom of Gannon, also added that she wants to leave the planet after hearing that justice was served.

Last time, Gannon was seen on 27 January, on the same day, Letecia Stauch, his stepmom showed his missing. While reporting to authorities, she said that Gannon was last marked at house somewhere between 03:15 pm and 04:15 pm, before moving towards his friend’s home, according to Sheriff of El Paso county.

Sheriff Elder also added that Gannon’s body had not been revealed. Moreover, all the charges against stepmother are first-degree killing of under 12 years boy by such person whom boy can trust, child abuse that resulted in death, and disappearance of the human body.

Stepmom charged with murder in case of missing Colorado boy Gannon Stauch

In a statement that was read on behalf of the victim’s father, Albert Stauch, in which he stated that anyone who did this horrible and evil crime is the person that he gave everything. Furthermore, Gannon’s father also exclaimed that this burden he was carrying for a long passage of time.

Stepmother opposed all the allegations on him said she did nothing with Gannon Stauch, while having last month’s interview with KKTV, which is a CBS associated in Colorado Springs.

She even added, she never, ever, ever, hurt the Gannon Stauch, the station reported. Making contact with the attorney of Letecia Stauch has remained useless.

Gannon boy was initially announced as a runaway, but later on 30 January, his departure got changed to missing.

One of the neighbors reported that his security camera caught the scene in the morning when stepmother was driving away with the Gannon Stauch, but she came back after hours alone.

Sheriff, Bill Elder, said that this inquiry and other related investigations are at the start position. FBI Special Agent said that there is nothing to tell that would create fear for other community children.