Messi misses medical as Li Liga shows support towards Barca amid contract dispute

Messi misses medical as Li Liga shows support towards Barca
Messi leaving Barcelona, Source: Web

On Sunday, Lionel Messi didn’t show up for the COVID-19 test at the practice ground on Barcelona, sources close to the club have confirmed to a media company, CNN, casting more doubt on his upcoming appearances at the La Liga powerhouse.

According to La Liga rules and regulations, without passing the Coronavirus test, Lionel Messi can not participate in pre-season practices and training under Ronald Koeman, new coach, and the 2020-2021 season is going to begin in just two weeks.

Some of the club sources described to CNN that the whole squad of Barcelona except Messi, had taken the test.

Lionel Messi’s strike partner and friend, Luis Suarez, included in those people who have seen coming at the Ciutat Esportiva practice ground, even with reports that the Uruguayan international isn’t part of the plans of Koeman for the new season.

Lionel Messi most surely is, but thirty-three years old star stunned Barcelona chiefs on Tuesday by applying a transfer appeal, given by Burofax to the offices at Camp Nou.

The skipped Coronavirus test will just enhance the worth of rumor that the 6-time Balloon d is determined to complete his 20 years connection with the Catalan giants.

Messi misses medical as Li Liga shows support towards Barca amid contract dispute
Messi skipped medical,
Source: Web

Several reports said that Lionel Messi thinks he has a clause in Messi’s agreement, which permits him to go away from Barcelona for free his summer.

Allegedly, the clause ended on 10th of June, but Lionel Messi and his associations hope he still has the right to upgrade it now because the season got extended amid the pandemic Coronavirus

Besides this, the club urges that Messi should see out his agreement, till a release clause is paid, hoped to be seven-hundred million euros or 833 million dollars.

Sources of the club have told a media company, CNN, that the position of Barcelona is that Lionel Messi has a valid agreement until the 30th of June 2021.

On Sunday, the position of the Barcelona club appeared to be strengthened when La Liga declared a statement urging, they will just know Lionel Messi’s transfer if that release clause is paid.

The statement says in obedience with the applicable rules and regulations, and following the corresponding method in these cases, La Liga won’t take the prior visa procedure for the player to be removed from the federation in case if the player has not previously paid the amount of said clause.