Long-awaited phone call made between Biden and Israel’s Netanyahu

Long-awaited phone call made between Biden and Israel's Netanyahu
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On Wednesday, American President Joe Biden had his first phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) after a delay that he had experienced Washington’s denial.

President Biden had made phone calls with more than a dozen world leaders since the time when he stepped into the office on 20th January. The White House had mentioned that Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu, who differs from Joe Biden on the issue of the Middle East, such as Iran, is going to be the first regional world leader he would call.

The postponement in the call was highly viewed by experts and analysts as an indication that President Joe Biden didn’t want to be seen boosting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu before the 23rd March elections.

Experts described that it could warn cold relationships if PM Netanyahu gets the victory in re-election, but there were no sudden indications of pressures in comparatively weak accounts of the phone call released by both governments.

Long-awaited phone call made between Biden and Israel's Netanyahu
Long-awaited phone call made between Biden and Israel’s Netanyahu,
Source: Web

It was a good conversation – Biden

In the Oval Office, Joe Biden, during a summit with American labor leaders, described to news reporters that it was a good conversation. Moreover, PM Netanyahu and President Joe Biden had voice calls of around one hour discussing issues on the Iranian threats and Israel’s weak relations with Arab and Muslim nations.

Netanyahu’s office declared in a statement that the two leaders noted their long-lasting personal connection. On the other hand, the White House said that they negotiated the need for continued halt consultation on Iran.

The statement said that Joe Biden described to Netanyahu he aims to strengthen defense collaboration with Israel and tense his favor for normalization of links with its neighbors. It added that he also underscored the significance of operating toward peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

The White House had declined that the postponement in President Biden’s call was meant to disregard PM Netanyahu, with Jen Psaki (spokeswomen) saying the previous week that it was not intentional disrespect.