Lamine Diack, former head of world athletics, sentenced in prison for corruption

Lamine Diack sentenced in prison for two years due to corruption charges
Lamine Diack, director of the world's athletics, Source: Web

On Wednesday, a Paris court declared that Lamine Diack, an ex-head of athletics’ governing face, has been imprisoned for 2 years when he was found guilty because of corruption-related charges to the Russian doping scandal.

 Eighty-seven years old Diack caught guilty of soliciting 3.45 million euros or 4.1 million dollars from athletes alleged for doping to cover up these accusations and permit them to continue competing, which also adds 2012 London Olympics.

On Wednesday, Diack was sentenced 4 years of prison, and two of them are suspended and charged with 500,000 euros or 594,000 dollars. Moreover, the Senegalese was the most dominant and influential person in the sport and head of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation), now changed the name World Athletics, from 1999 to 2015.

Lamine Diack, former head of world athletics, sentenced in prison for corruption
Lamine Diack to face two years punishment for corruption,
Source: Web

However, it is ambiguous whether Diack will spend any amount of time in jail, assumed that he has been under house custody, since 2015, in Paris. Diack allegedly declined all the accusations during the trial.

The attorney of Diack said the decision was ‘inhumane and unjust’ and declared that they would appeal again for the decision.

Diack’s son even sentenced 5 years in jail

Papa Massata (Diack’s son) was also punished for 5 years in jail and charged with 1.19 million dollars or one million euros because of his presence in the corruption.

Diack’s son, who allegedly ran away from France to Senegal as authorities started the investigations, had declined all allegations every time he asked.

Papa Massata’s attorney, Antoine Beauquier, have told a media outlet, CNN, that he would also appeal the judgment and described that penalty for both men were adverse.

Via the phone call, he said to CNN that he wasn’t hoped anything else, and that is only a copy-paste of the prosecutor’s demands. He added that they are permitting him to not being there, and he could not be there.

Besides this, both father and son had given orders to pay back five million euros (5.93 million dollars) for making damages. Furthermore, the governing body or sport praised the lawyers for their work and even promised to invest the amount awarded into the world’s development of athletics.

A World Athletics statement reads that the whilst they are disappointed this occurred in their sport, they are thankful for the robust and unambiguous judgment that has been taken against those involved and sentenced for those crimes, and they would like to reconfirm everyone that the changes their Congress approval in 2016 will confirm that similar move by individuals can never occur in their sport.