January 6th Committee Debating Whether to Call Pence or Trump

Jan. 6 Panel has interviewed around a thousand people, but still debating to talk to Pence and Trump.

Call Trump or Pence? It’s decision time for Jan. 6 panel

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee inquiring about the deadly Capitol insurrection has interviewed around a thousand people. But the Congressional inquiry committee has yet to hold a meeting with the-then US President Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the former US Vice President – two leading players in the leadup to January 6 events.

According to the media reports, as the Congressional inquiry draws to a close and the Jan. 6 Committee plans a series of public hearings on the investigation, the panel members are deciding whether to call the two most prominent men, whose dispute over whether to confirm the ‘Presidential election, 2020’ victory was at the focal point of the Capitol breach.

The former American President put immense pressure on Mike Pence for days to use his official role presiding over the 6th JAN tally to attempt to obstruct Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s certification. And the former U.S. Vice President refused to do so, and attackers who breached the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, yelled for his hanging. But, on the other hand, as the violent mob beaten the law enforcement and ransacked the building, Pence attempted to proclaim control. In addition, he pleaded with the acting Defense Secretary to ‘clear the U.S. Capitol.’

‘no Effort on the Part of the House Committee’

Furthermore, according to the reports, there’re several fine points to call Trump or Pence, or both of them. The panel wishes to be as comprehensive as possible, and criticizers are certain to come up and take hold if they do not even make an effort. But some policymakers on the Jan.6 Committee have contended that they have gained all the required documents and information they need without Pence and Trump.

About twelve months into the January 6th Committee’s extensive inquiry into the deadly riot on the United States Capitol in more than 220 years, the US House Panel has hundreds of witnesses and gained over one hundred thousand pages of responsive documents. In addition, the nine-member panel has discreetly conducted interviews and depositions in concealed federal office buildings and private Zoom meetings.

Call Trump or Pence? It’s decision time for Jan. 6 panel
Call Trump or Pence? It’s decision time for Jan. 6 panel
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Early last month, January 6th Committee Chairman, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, a Democrat, said that the panel has been able to authenticate numerous remarks attributed to Mike Pence and Donald Trump without their testimony. Rep. Thompson said at the time that the panel carried out no effort to call the former VP.

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