Indian police eliminated rape allegation, which in turn, ignited protests across the country

Indian police eliminated rape allegation, which in turn, ignited protests across the country
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After the death of the allegedly raped teenager by 4 persons ignited protests all across India, but the state police declared on Thursday that the girl had not been raped. The suspicious persons in the scenario are still in custody and face murder charges.

 On Tuesday, a nineteen years old girl died, 2 weeks after when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by upper caste persons in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, the girl belonged to the lowest level community (the Dalit community) in the country’s caste-based classification.

At the start, local police said that the girl was raped and throttled in the field close to her house in Hathras. Besides this, on Thursday, the local police described that they were eliminating the rape allegations.

The girl died due to trauma following an injury on the neck

In a statement, a senior official from the Uttar Pradesh Police department, Prashant Kumar, said that putting to rest all the rumor, the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) report on the vaginal test of the nineteen years old women of Hathras has shown that she was not raped. Furthermore, the autopsy report of the victim girl has been demonstrated that she died due to trauma because of the injury to her neck.

Indian police eliminated rape allegation which ignited protests
A teenager’s death ignited protests in India,
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Last month, the local police officers had taken into custody 4 men that were linked to the case. In the beginning, they were charged with the gang rape and also an attempt to murder.

The body of the girl has previously been burnt, and the family of the victim has not answered the police declaration, which eliminated the alleged rape.

While talking to a media firm, CNN, the victim’s mother, who can’t be recognized legal issues, described that the body of her daughter was taken away from her against her wishes. She added that she begged them to show the face of her daughter one last time, but they didn’t.

The chief of the Delhi Commission of Women accused on Tuesday that the body of the girl was burnt without the permission of the family, which is denied by the local authorities.

District Magistrate PK Laxkar said that she was cremated with their permission and her family members were also present there. He made this allegation entirely wrong.