Depressed Queen Elizabeth to address Meghan and Harry’s racism allegation

Depressed Queen to address Meghan and Harry's racism allegation
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On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth said the British royals were disappointed by the tough experience of Prince Harry (her grandson) and his wife Meghan and swore to secretly address revelations of a racist comment about their son.

On Sunday, Harry and Meghan’s tell-all Television interview with Oprah Winfrey published on American TV, has jumped the monarchy into the major disaster since the 1997 death of Prince Harry’s mother, Diana.

During a 2-hour TV show, Meghan alleged Britain’s royal family of emerging fears about how dark their son Archie’s skin could be and overlooking her appeals for support while she felt sad. Moreover, Prince Harry even described that Prince Charles (his father) had let him down. He said that he had felt stuck in his royal life.

In a statement published on behalf of Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace described that the entire family is saddened to learn the complete extent of how difficult the past few years have been for Meghan and Prince Harry.

Depressed Queen to address Meghan and Harry's racism allegation
Depressed Queen to address Meghan and Harry’s racism allegation,
Source: Web

Buckingham Palace continued that the difficulty raised, specifically, that of race, are concerning. Whereas some recollections may differ, they are taken very severely and will be educated by the family secretly. Meghan, Harry, and Archie will always be much precious and loved by family members.

Britain’s royals should be given a chance

The Buckingham Palace supposed this was a family issue, a royal source familiar with the matter said, saying Britain’s royals should be given a chance to negotiate the problem raised privately as a family.

Media described that the conducted interview was watched by around 12.4 million people in Britain and around 17.1 million American people, triggering a disaster to which the monarchy had to react. Furthermore, it came up as a divisive action among the British people, with several thinking it represented how intolerant and outdated the institution was, and a few others considering it as a self-serving attack that neither Queen Elizabeth nor her family members deserved.

The Times described in the main article named Royal Attack, that it could severely be more harmful to the royal family, not least because there is a little effort it can do to defend itself. Furthermore, the news agency added that the key to the monarchy’s survival in the centuries had been its ability to familiarize the demand of the time, and it needs to adapt once again.