Daisy Coleman, a student appeared in Netflix documentary, passed away

Daisy Coleman, a student appeared in Netflix documentary, passed away
Daisy Coleman died by suicide, Source: Web

On Tuesday, Daisy Colman, whose accusation of sexual attacks and harassment appeared in ‘Audrie and Daisy,’ a Netflix Documentary, has passed away by suicide, confirmed by her mother on Facebook.

 Melinda Moeller Coleman said that she was her best friend as well as a daughter. Her mother continued that I think Daisy had to make it look like I could live without her, but I can’t, and I wish I could have gotten the pain from her.

The death of Daisy Coleman arrives 8 years after when she alleged a high school fellow student of sexual assault at the age of fourteen in her hometown of Maryville, Missouri.

Daisy Coleman, a student appeared in Netflix documentary, died
Source: Web

Barnett charged with sexual assault

Matthew Barnett, the high school student, was taken into custody and alleged with sexual assault. Moreover, the sexual attack was latterly dropped after two months when the Nodaway County Prosecuting Lawyer said that there wasn’t a sufficient amount of evidences present. Barnett’s advocate described that his client collaborated with all authorities and claimed the sex was consensual.

Besides this, Barnett was found guilty for a misdemeanor charge of risking the happiness of a child and even punished to 2 years of probation. After this, Daisy Coleman’s mother described that her family got threats that she was fired from the job at a clinic where she was operating as a veterinarian.

Also, in April 2013, Coleman’s Maryville house, which was vacant and for sale, burned down. Moreover, the fire marshal of the state said that due to the insecure nature of the house structure, a briefed inspection could not be held and that fire damage was being listed as undetermined.

In 2013, the media coverage of the case, even pressure from the online activist team Anonymous ignited outrage and demonstrations demanding justice for Daisy.

In 2016, she was presented in Netflix’s documentary known as Audrie and Daisy, which primarily focused on the accused assault and the trauma and also online threats against the family. Furthermore, the documentary even described the story of fifteen years old Audrie Pott, who allegedly raped at a party and attempted suicide days after.