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CNN logoIn 2019, the CNN news ranked third, with an average of 972,000 viewers behind Fox News and MSNBC. Comparatively, among all significant cable networks, CNN news ranks 14th. CNN programming can be seen in over 212 countries and territories across the globe via CNN news international. The American pay-TV channel (Cable News Network) is owned by CNN Worldwide, a subsidiary of AT&T’s Warner Media Television and sports Division. CNN was founded in 1980 as a twenty-four-hour cable news channel by American media owner Ted Turner and Reese Schoenfeld.


CNN’s Asia-Pacific flagship network News Stream broadcasts live from Hong Kong to the world on every weekday night. Kristie Lu Stout blends the most massive stories of the and monitors an area that is continuously transforming and retrieves ideas and observation that shapes the tomorrow.

It covers the essential part of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe, India, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Else it covers U.S. politics, including Donald Trump, supreme court, congress, facts first, and elections. Health, entertainment, tech, style, sports, travel, business, and many more. Hence you can listen to anything anytime on CNN breaking news live.

Interesting Facts About the CNN News

  • Firstly more than 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories have access to CNN’s two dozen branded networks and services.
  • Secondly, CNN has 36 editorial offices around the world and around 3,000 employees worldwide.
  • Thirdly, CNN’s coverage is complemented and supported by more than 1,000 affiliates worldwide.
  • Moreover, CNN has reached 90 million households in the U.S.
  • Furthermore, CNN Digital is the number one online news destination and regularly registers more than 200 million unique visitors worldwide each month.
  • Lastly, there are more than 402 million households and hotel rooms worldwide on CNN international.
CNN Washington newscasters
CNN Washington newscasters | Courtesy: official website

History of CNN News

CNN news stands for Cable News Network, and in short, it is pronounced as CNN news. CNN news was launched on 1 July 1980, at 5:00 pm (eastern time), and at that instant, it was the first television all-news channel in the united states. Ted Turned gave the introduction, and the first anchors to telecast the channel were the team of the husband David Walker and the wife, Lois Hart.

Until now, CNN news has extended its coverage for a wide range of cable, satellite, internet, and specialized closed circuits, such as CNN Airport. CNN has expanded its business on a large platforms and the rating is now above than the fox news. CNN news has 42 offices (11 domestic, 31 international) 900 associated local stations. It receives a wide variety of content like news and different features through the newswire service, several local and foreign-language networks worldwide.

CNN2, a supplementary, was introduced on 1 January 1982, offering a 24-hour loop of 30-minute news broadcasts. The channel was later known as the CNN headline news and now known as the HLN.

Local Bureau Offices of the WarnerMedia News Group in US

As it is discussed that there are 42 total bureaus in the world. Bureaus located in the cities of the United States are:

  • Atlanta (CNN World HQ)
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York city
  • San Francisco
  • Washington D.C.

Regional HQ’s of CNN Worldwide

Regional headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and London.

Local News Offices of CNN

The local news reporting network of CNN is spread over 6 continents. Independent teams cover news of cultural, political and investigative subjects.

AsiaMiddle EastAmericasEuropeAfrica
BangkokAmmanBuenos AiresBerlinCairo
IslamabadDubaiMexico CityRomeLagos
KabulSão Paulo
New Delhi

CNN Business (CNN Money)

CNN Business is also known as CNN money. In contrast, it is a CNN functional website for financial news and information. Initially, and Time Warner’s Fortune and Money magazines founded their Website as a joint venture. The Website served as a CNN affiliate after the spin-off of publishing properties from Time Warner as Time Inc. (and subsequent sale to Meredith Corporation)

Let’s discuss the history of the CNN news business. CNN Money was launched in 2001 as a replacement for the Website of CNNfn, Time Warner also announced that it planned to reinitiate the network under the CNN money name, but it was reported that these plans had been scrapped. Before June 2014, CNN controlled the Website as a joint venture with two company magazines, Fortune and Wealth, published by Warner. As a result, all three properties launched separate web presences, and CNN money unveiled a new logo which removed the word-marks of money magazine from its brand. In June 2014, the publishing assets of Time Warner were distributed over Time Inc. The head of channel Jef Zucker also promised with the relaunch that synergies would increase between CNN and the CNN channel, such as branding segments and rebranding your money as CNN money weekly.

TV Program Schedule of CNN News Global

Programs & Shows of CNN Global during Weekdays and Weekend are mentioned in the below table.

4:00 am E.T./ 1am P.T. – CNN Newsroom11:15 am ET/8: 15 am P.T.- Market Place Africa5pm E.T./2pm P.T.- World Sport10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT- Special (TBD)
5:00 am ET/ 2am PT - CNN Newsroom11:30am ET/8:30am PT- Special (TBD)5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT- TBD11 pm E.T./8pm P.T.- African Voices Changemakers
6am E.T./3am P.T. - Erin Burnett OutFront12pm E.T./9am P.T.- world sport6pm E.T./3pm P.T.- Marketplace Africa11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT- Inside Africa
6:30 am E.T./3:30 am P.T.- African Voices Changemakers12:30pm ET/9:30am PT- TBD6:15pm ET/3:15pm PT- World SportMidnight E.T./9pm P.T.- CNN Newsroom with Michael Holmes
7 am E.T./4am P.T.- CNN Newsroom1pm E.T./10am P.T.- CNN Newsroom6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT- Inside Africa12:30am E.T./9:30pm P.T.- World Sport
7:30am ET/4:30am P.T.- Talk Asia1:30pm ET/10:30am PT- inside Africa7pm E.T./4pm P.T.- CNN Newsroom1am ET/10pm PT- Erin Burnett OutFront
8am E.T./5am P.T.- inside Africa2 pm E.T./11am P.T.- CNN Newsroom with Robyn Curnow7:30pm ET/4:30pm P.T.- World Sport1:30am E.T./10:30pm P.T.- Talk Asia
8:30am ET/5:30am PT- Special (TBD)2:30 pm E.T./11:30 am P.T.- Quest's World of Wonder8pm ET/5pm PT- Erin Burnett OutFront2 am E.T./11pm P.T.- CNN Newsroom with Michael Holmes
9am E.T./6am P.T.- Smerconish3pm E.T./12pm P.T.- CNN Newsroom (CNN/US)8:30pm ET/5:30pm P.T.- Talk Asia2:15am ET/11:15pm PT- Marketplace Africa
10am E.T./7am P.T.- CNN Newsroom3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT- Erin Burnett OutFront9pm E.T./6pm P.T.- Fareed Zakaria GPS (CNNI)2:30am ET/11:30pm PT- TBD
10:30 am ET/7:30am P.T.- African Voices Changemakers4 pm E.T./1pm P.T.- CNN Newsroom with Robyn Curnow10pm E.T./7pm P.T.- Marketplace Africa3 am E.T./12am P.T.- CNN Newsroom with Michael Holmes
11 am E.T./8am P.T.- CNN Newsroom4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT- Special (TBD)10:15pm ET/7:15pm PT- World Sport3:30 am E.T./12:30 am P.T.- African Voices Changemakers

What is Don Lemon salary?

Don Lemon is one of the leading speakers in T.V. journalism. After his career in journalism began in Philadelphia and Alabama on local networks, he paved his path in the end towards the world’s famous news network CNN. Contact and salaries are his money. As part of CNN, he holds a lucrative network deal and earns a massive income.

Those who want to know how much the CNN anchor is worth a year have $4 million in annual CNN compensation. He obtained a good fortune with this income. It is reported that lemon’s net value is $12 million. Lemon also has a long career ahead of him, which will make his wellbeing rich in millions.

CNN News studio
CNN News studio | Credits: twitter

Controversies about Cable News Network

A variety of concerns have been raised about the Cable News Network (CNN), an American basic cable and satellite T.V. service. Many scandals and accusations are surrounding both CNN, CNN international, and CNN-News 18 sister networks.

Lots of examples are there to prove the controversies. For instance, 1-allegations of bias, 2-Octavia Nasr firing, 3-semi-automatic weapons, 4-coverage of the U.S. 2016 presidential elections, Occupy CNN protest and Donna Brazil and Roland Martin, 5-Coverage of the 2020 U.S. presidential election also CNN Iowa Debate moderation and WikiLeaks emails, 6- trump administration coverage, 7- coverage on international services like Persian gulf war, coverage of Iranian protests, coverage of Margaret thatcher’s death, conflict with the Venezuelan government, Essex lorry death reports, operation tailwind and Suppression of Bahraini complaints, and reporting of Iran and Syria and. 8- resignation of Eason Jordan and Jeff Zucker. 9- Individual hosts and contributors like Reza Aslan, Brooke Baldwin, Carol Costello, Lou Dobbs, Don Lemon, Fredricka Whitfield, 10- Jon Stewart’s Crossfire appearance, 11- Steubenville High School rape case coverage, 12- a range of the Cleveland kidnapping victims and 13-creditor controversy.

Reliable Resource

Reliable sources are a cable/satellite television network CNN talk show on the Sunday morning that focuses on reviewing the mainstream coverage in the united states anchored by Brian Stelter. The program is shown at CNN’s Time Warner Centre in New York from 11 am till noon E.T. Moreover, CNN international is now transmitted internationally.

The media portrayal of the Persia Gulf War first came into play. Since then, it has also included reports by the newspapers of the Valerie Plame case, the Iraq War, the Mark Felt outing as the Deep Gulf, and many more incidents and internal media reports.

Stelter also hosts a one on one interview with a newspaper columnist for an hour.

Is CNN a credible Source for US News?

Yes, CNN is a credible source because it does not contain advertisements; it does not waste time in useless ads and other surveys, etc. The channel also gives authentic sources, It does not provide secondary or fake resources.

Awards and Honors

CNN is a very credible source, so it has won many awards, which are listed below:

CNN New Day set
CNN New Day set | Credits: twitter
  • 2020: Ed Lavandera of CNN was given a Peabody award for the documentary “Apollo 11”.
  • 2019: the USC Annenberg School awarded CNN a Walter Cronkite Prize for the Parkland Town Hall
  • 2018: CNN has won six. Emmy Awards in a network record. Things include Excellent Breaking News, Excellent Constant Continuing News Reporting, Excellent Live Bursts, Excellent Hard News Broadcasting Feature Items in a Newscast, Superb News Content, Excellent Scientific, Medical and Environmental Report
  • 2018: Nima Elbagir from CNN to receive the International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award for 2018
  • In 2018: George Polk Award for International T.V. News for the Revelation of a secret modern-day African refugee sale in Libya was awarded to CNN Nima Elbagir’s and Raja Razek’s
  • 2018: CNN has been awarded the David Kaplan Prize of the Overseas Press Club for best television or video spot coverage for the collapse of ISIS from abroad. Walsh and Arwa, Damon reporting.
  • 2017: CNN won the Special Award for sea Pollution for Prince Rainer III at the Montreal Carlo TV Festival, Midway: A synthetic Island
  • 1998: CNN has been awarded the Four Freedom of Expression Award.

Achievements of CNN

CNN reported significant incidents. The gulf war was covered. The attacks on 9/11 and both the U.S. elections in 2008 and 2016. It has been respected and celebrated over the years. The four Frei Award and the Advanced Prince Rainer II award are included in this category. CNN won the George Polk prize this year and the American David Kaplan Over Seas Press Club grant

CNN Newsroom set
CNN Newsroom set | Source: facebook page

Ratings of CNN and Net Worth of the Company

CNN comes in second place in prime with 2.510 million viewers.
Net CNN valuation is about five billion dollars. That’s according to the likes of well-known experts in the media like Fargo and Barclays like Marci Ryvicker and Kannan Venkatesshwar of wells. That’s not shocking when a lot of people are using CNN resources. Around $6 billion to $7 billion before taxation. The reception continues to grow. The quantity is then expected to increase.

The fact that CNN is one of the most affluent cable networks is no longer a mystery. It rates second when it comes to the highest regular audiences. After Fox it’s going, but even before MSNBC headlines news. It is a response that only time will say if it leads in the series. However, It still does well and It’s all good. For people who are looking for entertainment and news, its worth considering.

CNN and MSNBC are both popular cable news channels in the United States, but there are some differences in their programming and editorial approaches.

CNN is generally considered to be a more traditional news channel, with a focus on reporting breaking news and providing in-depth coverage of major events around the world. The channel has a reputation for being relatively objective and balanced in its reporting, and its journalists are often seen as straight-shooters who are not overly partisan.

MSNBC, on the other hand, is often seen as having a more left-leaning editorial stance. The channel’s prime-time programming features a lineup of liberal-leaning hosts who offer commentary and analysis on the day’s news from a progressive perspective. MSNBC’s programming often focuses on political news and analysis, with a particular emphasis on stories that are of interest to the left-wing of the political spectrum.

While CNN and MSNBC have some differences in their programming and editorial approaches, both channels are popular with viewers who are interested in news and current events. Viewers may choose one channel over the other based on their political views or their preferences for the types of stories and programming that each channel offers.