Beijing plans to count 1.3 billion nationals for the new announced population census

Beijing plans to count 1.3 billion nationals for the new announced population census
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How will you sum up 1.3 billion people due to the epidemic Coronavirus? China is going to be finding out as the most populous territory of the world launches its 7th national survey on the 1st of November.

 Xinhua, the state-run media agency, says that the massive undertaking will see near seven million survey employees spread out all around the country, who are gathering ID numbers, gender, names, marital details, and even professional and educational info.

The state-run media reported that as well as traditional ways, people will even be encouraged to use mobile phones and several other digital gadgets to mention personal and family info.

China organizes a national survey every ten years

In every ten years, China manages a national survey. The earlier census found that the population of the country had ramped up from 1.29 billion to 1.37 billion, and that survey was also the initial step to include foreigners in counting. Around 600,000 foreigners came back the census in 2010, and the maximum were from Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

China plans to count population for the new announced population census
China decides to count population,
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The survey offers key data for national policy structuring, info that is most significant when the demographic time bomb of the one kid policy starts to kick in.

The survey, in 2010, demonstrated that the amount of people younger or aged fourteen years was less than 6.2 percent from the earlier survey.

China started withdrawing its massively controversial one-child rule, in which ladies were enforced to heavy fines, abortions, and eviction in case if they tried to have another child.

Beijing’s pool of employees is reducing, with several young people helping their parents and even their grandparents, in a territory where elderly social services are still not available.

China’s birthrate touched its lowest level last year, since the establishment of the People’s Republic in 1949. Moreover, above 250 million Chinese people were above sixty years old last year, the calculations revealed, and they are trying to acquire above than eighteen percent of the population.

The current year’s survey will probably show a reduction in the total amount of the whole population for the very first time in decades, and India would cross China as the most populous territory of the world.