Charles Leclerc finishes esports quadruple

Charles Leclerc,popular racer, greatly ended esports quadruple

Last year for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc, a popular racing driver, scored 4 pole positions in a series in his first season. Now he has accomplished an unprecedented quadruple after practicing for few weeks.

People have no idea about its unprecedented performance, well how many persons have gaming consoles, but he has only a few weeks before going to driving his Ferrari.

Twenty-two years old young boy won his fourth esports race in the series, the Formula one Virtual China Grand Prix and this weekend it was the perfect Chinese GP. Moreover, he qualifies on pole position, and he demonstrates a perfect another race in which he beat Red Bull’s Alex Albon.

In the field of nineteen such as racers, F1 drivers from other series, and also other significant sports community.

The whole professional community of racers ended their racings in front of guests such as popular golfer Ian Poulter, Thibaut Courtois (former Chelsea goalkeeper), Real Madrid, and Lazio striker Ciro Immobile.

Charles Leclerc finishes esports quadruple

The dominant star was Poulter, who sums up last year when he crashed his Renault and gave an interview to the commentators with three laps to finish.

He said that he has never sweated so much, and you got me all flustered, and in the beginning of start finish straight, he was hit by the wall.

Acclaiming the award for previous Virtual F1 GP that was held at Albert Park in Melbourne, having just practice of few weeks, Leclerc became obsessed.

He even helped the charity by giving 70,000 dollars to fight against coronavirus pandemic, and various other racers and drivers also take part into it. Courtois even got involved in the charity.

Leclerc had to face shame in a lorry race and cannot perform well on another day with Williams’ George Russel that didn’t finish well.

After Sunday’s victory, he said that he is actually enjoying a lot playing and streaming, but the post-race is going something different. Changing computers and cooking pasta provides less enjoyment than spraying champagne on the stage.

During the China Virtual race current Mercedes Formula E and former McLaren driver, Stoffer Vandoorne had ended a remarkable third.

During the lockdown, Formula E would run a 9 week season that includes all the racers, drivers and teams from the delayed championship.