Defense Secretary Austin warned about Beijing’s military buildup 

Defense Secretary Austin warned about Beijing's military buildup 
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Source: Web

Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, is increasing criticism of Beijing’s action to close the competitive edge, which its military has with America, threatening China’s aggressive attitude warning members in the region is being tightly observed.

On Sunday, while interviewing by ABC News’ ‘This Week,‘ Lloyd Austin’s criticism on Beijing reflects the Joe Biden administration’s favor for Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, and denial of Beijing’s disputed territorial claims in those regions.

Moreover, he said that Beijing has been busy updating its military forces and developing capabilities, and struggling to close the competitive edge that they have always enjoyed. Austin continued that they have also been very aggressive in the area. Sometimes, China has been coercive, and some of that coercion has been focused against America’s allies, and America’s allies are very significant to them.

Iranian-made rockets attack military base in Iraq

He even threatened America could hit back at a time and place of our own choosing as an aftermath of the previous week’s fatal rocket attack on the military base located in Iraq. Furthermore, the rockets were allegedly Iranian-manufactured.

Austin further described that they are prompting Iraqis to go as quickly as possible to examine the incident, and they are doing it. He added that the message to those who would plant such an attack is you know, expect America to do what is crucial to defend themselves.

Defense Secretary Austin warned about Beijing's military buildup 
Defense Secretary Austin warned about Beijing’s military buildup, 
Source: Web

He explained that they all strike if that’s what they think they require to do at the time and place of their choosing. Austin said the Islamic Republic of Iran would draw their own conclusion about the United States’ response.

Defense Secretary said that, but what they draw from this again is that we will defend our military, and our reaction will be thoughtful, it would be adequate. Moreover, we would think that they would select to do the right things.

He deflected any sort of direct criticism of the absence of punishment against Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Crown Prince), for what America has described that his approval of the capture or killing of Washington Post journalist and Iran critic, Jamal Khashoggi.

He said that Saudi Arabia, from his perspective, a tactical ally in the region, but he thinks just because they have a good strategic connection with a member, it does not mean that they can’t hold them accountable for different things.