American military alleges Russian aircraft of insecure aerial attacks

American military accused Russian aircraft of insecure aerial attacks

On Tuesday, once again, American military alleged Russian jets of implementing an insecure intercept of American Navy (P-8) surveillance aircraft while that aircraft was in the air in international airspace across the Mediterranean Sea.

In a statement, American Navy reported that two Su-35 Russian aircraft unsafely intercepted a P-8A patrol jet assigned to the United States sixth Fleet on 26 May 2020, over the Mediterranean Sea.

The statement continued and described that the intercept was determined to be unprofessional and unsafe because Russian pilots getting close station on each wing of aircraft (P-8A) concurrently, limiting the ability of P-8A to maneuver securely, and continued a total of sixty-four minutes.

Pictures of that happening came to demonstrate the Russian aircraft was very adjacent to the surveillance jet of the United States. The Navy also added in the statement that the needless actions of the Russian aircraft Su-35 pilots were inconsistent with international flight rules and good airmanship, and even risked the safety of both jets.

American military alleges Russian aircraft of insecure aerial attacks

US-Russian geopolitical tensions

The current intercept arrives due to increasing tensions between the United States and Russia on geopolitical matters. Although, there was a significant decline in such problems in previous years. Moreover, officials of the United States think that Russia is very sensitive about American surveillance jet working in the Eastern Mediterranean because of the operations performed by the Russian military in Syria.

The American Navy also told that Russian aircrafts had done very similar insecure and unsafe intercepts of surveillance aircraft of the United States in April. Tod Wolters, the leading United States general in Europe, NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Commander of the United States European Command, described last month that the United States had started a negotiation with the strengths to be in Moscow, over that happening.

Previous Tuesday, the American military alleged Russian military aircraft were flying from Russia to Libya through Syria, where American officials described that Russian figures were erased from the jet in a struggle to secretly arrange the battle-jets to Libya to back the Russian armed force that is working there.

America has alleged Moscow, the capital city of Russia, because of using Russian armed forces to strengthen its favored part in the civil war of Libya. Besides this, these mercenaries headed by Gen. Khalifa Haftar.

CF-18 Canadian fighter and F-22 United States aircraft intercepted 2 Russian spy jets at that time when they were flying towards the Alaskan coast, reported by NAADC (North America Aerospace Defense Command.