Arrested American Journalist appeared in Myanmar Court

Arrested American Journalist appeared in Myanmar Court

Earlier month, an American reporter, Danny Fenster, had taken into custody by Myanmar authorities, and now he has appeared in a special court in the jail where he is captured.

On Thursday, Ned Price (State Department spokesperson) described that American consular regulators are still rejecting access to an American reporter, Danny Fenster.

An announcement comes from Frontier Myanmar (a magazine where the journalist was serving as managing editor) explained that Fenster faced a charge of incitement which led to 3-year in prison.

The indictment, often used against reporters and dissidents, criminalizes any struggle to create fear, spread unauthentic or incorrect news, or disturb directly or indirectly an indictment against any government workers. Moreover, the current affairs magazine described that it didn’t acknowledge the reason for his charge.

In a statement, Frontier Myanmar explained that they know that Danny Fenster has done nothing to warrant his charge. The magazine continued that they convict his custody and demand his quick and unconditional release.

Arrested American Journalist appeared in Myanmar Court
Arrested American Journalist appeared in Myanmar Court
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Danny Frenster’s Brother Tweet

On Twitter, Danny Fenster’s brother wrote that finally some movement, but their frustration is increasing. He added that a hearing without formal communication with the United States Consulate or our family. He said that continued detention without access to lawful counsel or formal charges against him. He concluded that rejection of the United States Consulate access to both Fenster and his hearing, despite frequent requests in the previous twenty-five days.

The United States military, which detained power from the elected administration on 1st Feb, has forced the quiet independent news agency by taking back the licenses they should get to air or publish and by taking into custody dozens of news reporters. Furthermore, satellite TV has also been prohibited and internet facilities cut.

On Thursday, in a briefing call with a call with journalists, Price described that another American news reporter, Nathan Maung (who was also taken into custody in Myanmar), came back to America after his escape in the previous month.

Ned Price said that they are doing everything they can to see to it that Fenster is reunited with his family. He explained that they are very satisfied by the release and the safe return of the news reporter Nathan Maung, who previously came back in the U.S., and he had a chance to speak and to meet with senior Department of State regulators.