America reestablishes funding for Palestinians by offering $235 million

America resumes funding for Palestine

America reestablishes funding for Palestinians by offering $235 million
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On Wednesday, the Biden administration declared that it would give 235 million dollars in America to help the Palestinians, resuming funding for the UN (United Nations) agency backing refugees and also resetting other cut off by Donald Trump (former President of the United States).

The program, including development, economic and humanitarian aid, was explained by Antony Blinken (United States Secretary of State) as part of struggles to revive U.S. ties with the Palestinians that went wrong during Trump-era.

The action is considered one of the most key moves of the Democratic President Biden since his first day in the office on 20th Jan to work on his vow to roll back some activities of Donald Trump’s approach that Palestinians criticized after his biased favor for Israel.

In a statement, Antony Blinken said that the program calls for 150 million dollars through the UN relief agency, UNRWA, seventy-five million in American development and economic ais, and ten million dollars for peace-making programs.

America reestablishes funding for Palestinians by offering $235 million
America reestablishes funding for Palestinians by offering $235 million,
Source: Web

Joe Biden’s administration aides have even indicated that re-create the aim of a negotiated 2-state solution as a priority in American policy on Palestinian-Israeli dispute. Besides this, any further primary actions are expected to postpone for the dust to clear as Israel’s indecisive March voting, which would be followed by Palestinian election planned in the upcoming days.

Trump blocked support for the Palestinians

In 2018, Donald Trump restricted around all support when it served ties with Palestinian Authority. Moreover, the action was intensely seen as an effort to push the Palestinians to talk with Israel on relations the Palestinian headship branded as a struggle to refute them a feasible state.    

The restrictions appeared when Palestinian leaders aimed to block the Donald Trump administration’s peace program efforts over its plan to identify Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and shift the American embassy there from Tel Aviv.    

The program included canceling funding support for the UNRWA (United Nations and Works Agency), which offers fund and aid services to nearly 5.7 million registered refugees of Palestine in the occupied Gaza Strip, West Bank, and also across the Middle East.

Blinken described that the U.S. is happy to declare that, operating with Congress, they decide to resume United States development, economic, and humanitarian help for the Palestinian community.