A car hit at the checkpoint that left a Capitol Police officer killed

Another Capitol Police officer killed by a knife-wielder at the Capitol checkpoint

A car hit at the checkpoint that left a Capitol Police officer killed
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On Friday, one American Capitol Police officer died, and another police officer was wounded when police officers shot a man (knife-wielder) after he hit a vehicle into a security checkpoint in front of the Capitol building, which regulators said it doesn’t appear to be a terrorism-related incident.

Acting Chief Yogananda described to news reporters that the suspect hit his vehicle into 2 police officers after 1 pm, then strike it into a retractable, raised barrier, came out of his vehicle, flashing a knife, and started attacking toward Capitol Police officers.

She described that their officers then engaged that, he didn’t respond to verbal commands. She continued that the knife-wielder then begin lunging toward American Capitol police regulators, at what time officers shot on the suspect.

Pittman described that the person was killed and that one of the Capitol police officers, both were shifted to the hospitals, died. Furthermore, Pittman said that it is with a very heavy heart that he announces one of their police officers has succumbed to his injuries.

A car hit at the checkpoint that left a Capitol Police officer killed
A car hit at the checkpoint that left a Capitol Police officer killed,
Source: Web

The police recognized the killed police officer as Willian Billy Evans. Moreover, Robert Contee (Metropolitan DC Police Chief) described to news reporters after the episode, which happened within three months of the insurrection at the US Capitol, that at this time, it doesn’t appear to be an ongoing threat.

No nexus detected between the Congress member and the knife-wielder

Robert Contee added that there was no familiar nexus between the knife-wielder and any Congress member that would propose that he was aiming a lawmaker.

On Friday night, the New York Times reported that according to one of the senior law administration regulators, the person had been ID’d as Noah Green of Indiana. Moreover, there was no more info on the suspect at publican time, and police officials were still seeking a motive.

She explained that Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) said that the Capitol Police thwarted a terrible attack in the same spirit that police officers endangered their lives when a crowd of pro-Trump supporters attacked the building on 6 January. She concluded that Evans is a martyr of their democracy.

In a statement, Nancy Pelosi said that today, the United States’ heart has been broken by the heroic and tragic death of their Capitol Police heroes. Ahead of this, she ordered US flags at the US Capitol lowered to half-staff. Besides this, Brian Sicknick, Capitol Police officer, also died after responding to the Capitol building attack by rioters.