Zuckerberg posts’ Black lives matter’ and guarantees to analyze Facebook’s policies

Zuckerberg posts to analyze Facebook's policies, support Black community

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, will analyze Facebook’s policies relating content moderation, voter suppression, and state use of force, as the firm faces a robust reaction from several of its own employees due to controversial posts by Donald Trump.

Although Mark Zuckerberg notes to its workers in which he shared a post on Friday on his official Facebook page. In that post, he said that Mark Zuckerberg knew that the decision about President Trump left several of you angry, hurt, and disappointed.

The co-founder of Facebook even lectured about protests that have emerged across the whole nation and even all around the world due to the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man.

Zuckerberg with the Black community

He added that to members of our company from the Black Community, your lives matter, I stand with you, and black lives matter.

Zuckerberg posts' Black lives matter' and guarantees to analyze Facebook's policies

The statement of Mark Zuckerberg arrived after when he conducted an argumentative town hall with Facebook workers, many of the workers showed anger about Facebook’s decision not to follow any action against posts by the President of the United States, while another competitive social media platform, Twitter block trump campaign due to violation of its policy.

Now Zuckerberg has made a statement in which he described that Facebook would review its rules and policies on both sides. He continued that instances of extreme use of state force or police and civil unrest as well as the realities of the ballot in the middle of the pandemic Coronavirus.

Zuckerberg posts to analyze Facebook's policies, support Black community

Previously, he described that Facebook will inspect any post that enflames violence, and there is no matter, who posted it, instead of pushing any king of warning label on it. Moreover, when question arose about Trump’s posts to remove during the town hall of this week, then he said policies of Facebook presently do not cover state use of force, and states are officially permitted to make use of force, reported by a transcript posted by Recode.

He said that I know several from the Facebook community think we should have labeled Trump’s posts in some way last week. Furthermore, he added that he began internal negotiations on how to reach those questions for the upcoming days.