You may need vaccine passport if you want to travel in 2021

You may need vaccine passport if you want to travel in 2021
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In the current situation, the COVID-19 vaccines are starting to be delivered in the United States and overseas, and everyone is looking for the day when they can shop, go to theaters and make their traveling plans again. But if you want to practice these activities, you must require something in addition to the vaccine, which is a vaccine passport application.

Many tech giants have started developing systems or mobile applications that collect data from individuals to push their details about coronavirus tests and vaccinations, developing digital credentials that would be required to enter any stadium, concert venues, offices, movie theaters, or even countries.

The Common Trust Network has joined with many airlines, including Lufthansa, JetBlue, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, and Swiss Airlines, and many health systems across the U.S. and the Government of Aruba.

You may need vaccine passport if you want to travel in 2021
Mobile app that examines temperature checks, COVID-19 test history, etc.
Source: Web

People can send their medical details via apps

The CommonPass mobile application developed by the group permits people to push their medical details including Coronavirus test result or proof of vaccination by a medical professional, hospital, developing a health certificate or approval in the form of a QR code that will show it in front of authorities without disclosing sensitive information.

The chief marketing & communications officer for the Commons Project, Thomas Crampton, described to CNN that you can be tested every time you go overseas, and you can’t be vaccinated every time you cross the border. Crampton forced that the need for an easy and simple transferable set of credentials, or a yellow digital card, referring to the document simply issued as proof of vaccination.

Tech giants are also stepping into the development of their own systems. IBM made its personal app, known as Digital Health Pass, which permits firms and venues to manage indicators they would need for entry, including COVID-19 tests, vaccination history, and temperature checks. After this, the credentials of those indicators are saved in the mobile wallet.

At the start of the pandemic Coronavirus, Google and Apple put aside their mobile rivalry to mutually make a Bluetooth based system to examine users if they had been contacted by someone who contracted Coronavirus. Besides this, several countries and state governments across the world even made and used their individual apps.


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