Ukraine’s Zelensky: World Should be Ready for possibility Moscow Could Use Nuclear Warheads

World countries should be ready for the likelihood that Russia’s Vladimir Putin could use tactical atomic warheads in Ukraine, according to Zelenskyy.

World Should be Ready for possibility Moscow Could Use Nuclear Warheads

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, told the reporters that all of the world countries should be ready for the likelihood that Russia’s Vladimir Putin could use tactical nuclear warheads in his brutal conflict against and aggression against Ukraine. Zelenskyy switched himself to English to highlight his point that not only he, the entire world, all of the leaders have to be concerned because it could be not factual information but added it could be the truth.

The Ukrainian President continued that when it comes to chemical weapons, they should do it, they could do it. For Russians, the life of people matters nothing. That is why, countries of the world should ponder not be frightened, not be frightened but be prepared. Moreover, he said he thinks that isn’t a question for his country, not only for the post-Soviet state of Ukraine but for the entire world.

Furthermore, in an exclusive wide-ranging questioning with US journalist Jake Tapper, Mr. Zelenskyy spoke about the sinking of Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the casualties his Armed Force has taken, and the emotional toll the brutal conflict is having on Putin and his people.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of embattled Ukraine, has remained in his country throughout the war with Russian military forces, as the Ukrainian people and military have strongly resisted Moscow’s efforts to capture Kyiv and compelled the Kremlin to shift its attempts on Ukraine’s Southern and Eastern areas, where Kyiv is hopeful about a significant escalation if the conflict in the coming days.

Simultaneously, Russian troops are launching cruise missiles into the Capital’s outskirts and still sustain the capability to target Kyiv with long-range weapons.

Ukraine Won’t Give Up to End War with Russians

In a wide-ranging with CNN from the Presidential official in Kyiv, Mr. Zelenskyy said that Ukraine has no guarantee that Russia wouldn’t again make efforts to take hold of Kyiv if it can seize the southeastern region of Donbass. That’s why, Zelenskyy said, they mustn’t let Russians do this; it’s very important to stand their ground; this can influence the passage of the entire war.

Zelenskyy continued that for the reason that he doesn’t trust the Russian leadership and even Russian military forces. That’s why they understand the fact that Ukrainians firmly defended themselves, and Russians left, and Russians pulled back from Ukraine’s capital – from the Northern region, from Chernihiv. But it doesn’t mean if Putin-led forces can seize the Donbass region, they wouldn’t move more aggressively toward the capital of Ukraine, a city in the North-Central part of Ukraine along the Dnieper River.

In addition, Zelenskyy said in an interview with the lead Washington anchor for CNN, over 7-weeks into Putin’s brutal assaults on the people of Ukraine comes as Ukrainian people and forces have seen triumphs opposing Russian aggression that’s appeared as a surprise to American intelligence – and Moscow that had believed for a swift and conclusive success. And when questioned if Ukraine would be a champion in the unprovoked and unjustified war, the leader of the besieged country claimed Yes, of course, and they will be victorious.

Ukrainians Need More Military Help

The Ukrainian President said that the additional security aid package of $800M American President Joe Biden authorized recent week to go to Ukrainian forces for new and more sophisticated weapons was helpful but still needed more help. He said that, of course, Ukraine needs more security help. But he’s contented that the US is helping them in the hour of need.

The President of Ukraine said that the most significant factor was the speed of receiving the arms needed into the hands of the Ukrainian people and military. Zelenskyy dismissed some apprehensions the United States and other countries of the world have raised that the Armed Forces of Ukraine aren’t trained and educated to use some of the arms Kyiv is requesting.

World Should be Ready for possibility Moscow Could Use Nuclear Warheads
World Should be Ready for possibility Moscow Could Use Nuclear Warheads
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According to the officials of Ukraine, 2500-3000 military personnel of Ukraine have lost their lives in the all-out attack by Russians, comparing the toll to what he said are Russian military casualty figures of nineteen thousand to twenty thousand; however, Russia has acknowledged 1351 casualties. Moreover, Zelenskyy said there’re nearly ten thousand Ukrainian personnel who have been wounded and that it is difficult to say how many would survive.