West Ready to Discuss European Security with Moscow

The Chancellor of Germany has landed in the Russian capital for dialogues with the Russian President to discuss Western security.

West Ready to Discuss European Security with Moscow

On Tuesday, Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, has landed in the Russian capital for dialogues with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Instead of taking a Russian COVID-19 test, Mr. Scholz went for having a doctor from the Embassy of Germany to carry out the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test complying with the rules before entering the Moscow Kremlin.

On Monday, the German Chancellor said that European leaders are prepared for serious talks with Moscow on security issues in the region but also are seeking the Russian leader to reduce tensions and threat possible invasion of the post-Soviet state of Ukraine.

Olaf Scholz offered a new opportunity to the Russian Federation after meeting with the President of Ukraine in Kyiv, while America and its NATO partners have warned that Mr. Vladimir Putin could carry out a large-scale incursion on the former Soviet Republic at any time with a missile and strategic bombardment followed by a speedy ground invasion.

However, there was no immediate declaration from the Kremlin on Scholz’s statement. But previously, Sergev Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, proposed to Putin that he remain in contact with America and its allies, although Europe has rejected Russia’s key request to dismiss likely Ukraine’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

An official of the Western military alliance characterized the stressed stalemate as an unsafe moment for Western security. A major contention in the East European country could root a significant number of displaced people escaping the fighting. In addition, a NATO official said there’s still time to prevent such pointless suffering. Everything possible and fruitful must be thru to stop this kind of influence on private citizens.

US Relocates its Embassy to Lviv

In a video-address to his people on Monday, Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that he’d heard Russian armed action could start on Wednesday. Moreover, adding he was declaring the day as one of the ‘national unity.’ However, Zelenskiy did not express how he got the information.

Joe Biden, the U.S. President, spoke with Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, regarding their efforts for advancing the ‘defensive posture’ of the U.S.-led military alliance on NATO’s Eastern Flank nearby to Russia. In the meantime, with the potential threat of Russian aggression on Ukraine, Antony Blinken, the U.S. State Secretary, said America was briefly moving its Embassy processes to a city in western Ukraine – Lviv – about 70 kms from the Polish border.

Furthermore, Ned Price, the U.S. State Department’s spokesman, said Lviv provides a better defense if the Russian military invades its neighboring Ukraine. Price added they’re building their assessment on what they’re observing on the ground with their own eyes. They’re seeing a sustained and uncalled-for Moscow’s increased military presence along the border with Ukraine and no associated evidence of stepping down.

West Ready to Discuss European Security with Moscow
West Ready to Discuss European Security with Moscow
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John Kirby, the Pentagon Press Secretary, said Monday that even over the past one to two days, the Russian leader has enhanced armed capability along the crisis zone. Moreover, he keeps on doing the things that we’d anticipate one to do if one was preparing for a large-scale armed operation. When inquired by Mr. Putin: If it’s reasonable to remain engaging diplomatically with European leaders, he responded that the discussions are far from being exhausted, and he suggested continuing the talks.