The viral speech of Rand Paul against Coronavirus relief fund

The viral speech of Rand Paul against Coronavirus relief fund
Rand Paul, a United States' Senator, Source: Web

On Monday afternoon, Rand Paul, an American Senator, delivered a speech when his colleagues decided to vote for the 900 billion dollars COVID-19 relief bill and lectured his colleagues who supported the incentive that they are no better than Democrats they disparage who part themselves with socialism.

Rand Paul said that to so-called conservatives who are rapid to identify the socialism of Democrats, if you are going to vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better. Moreover, the House approved the relief bill and lawmakers appended to 1.4 trillion dollars catchall spending package ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The package is going to send 600 dollars direct stimulus money to most American people, and another round of funds for those businesses that are greatly affected by the pandemic including theaters and restaurants.

If money grows on trees, why not give more free money? – Rand Paul

Rand Paul described that if free payment was the answer, if money really did produce by trees, why not give more free money? He continued that why not give it out all the time and why you stop at 600 dollars per person? Why not you reach at 1,000 dollars and why not at 2,000 dollars? Paul further continued that maybe these new Free-Money Republicans should participate in the Everybody-Gets-a Guaranteed-Income Caucus? He said, “why not 20,000 dollars per year for everyone, why not 30,000 dollars? He concluded by saying that if ‘we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?’

The viral speech of Rand Paul on Senate floor against COVID relief bill
The viral speech of Rand Paul on Senate floor against COVID relief bill,
Source: Web

Lately, the Senate allied with the House and approve the Coronavirus relief bill and government funding program. Chad Pergram of Fox News reported that the vote was 91-6 and sixty votes are required to pass that relief bill since it missed many legislative steps.

There are also other senators who had voted against the relief fund that include Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, and Mike Lee. Furthermore, Ted Cruz tweeted that it is ‘ABSURD’ to get a 2.5 trillion dollars spending bill discussed in secret and then a few hours later, demand an up-and-down vote on that relief fund and no one has had time to read it.

Rand Paul pointed his own fellows who approved or voted for the relief fund and said that when you vote to approve the free money program, you lose your soul and you abandon forever any semblance of fiscal or moral integrity.