US president set to visit storm-ravaged Texas this week

US president set to visit storm-ravaged Texas this week
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Jen Psaki (the White House press secretary) described that the president has consistently received updates from his FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) chief. President Joe Biden is eager to express his support for the Lone Star State.

On ABC News, Jen Psaki said that he is also very aware of the fact that it is not a light footprint for a president to take a tour to the disaster state. She continued that he doesn’t want to take away attention or resources.

She added that and we are going to do that at a suitable time in coordination with people on the ground, and it could be as soon as possible.

Biden unlocked federal funds for Texas

On Saturday, Joe Biden has signed a primary disaster declaration that approved federal funds for Texas residents.

Jon Karl of ABC news said that Greg Abbott (Gov. of Texas) characterized the support as a partial solution because that aid added just 77 state counties out of 254, but Greg Abbott sought to aid to cover the entire storm-ravaged Texas.

The US president planned to visit storm-ravaged Texas this week
US president set to visit storm-ravaged Texas this week,
Source: Web

ABC’s Jon Karl asked Jen Psaki about the disaster. The White House press-secretary said that what happens here is the governor requested a federal tragedy declaration. She said that President Biden asked his group to expedite that. And Federal Emergency Management Agency determined where the counties should be, where it should concentrate the quick resources, where the counties that are affected the most so that they can ensure they get to the people in most need.

Jen Psaki further described that the federal support was planned not only to take care of the emergency but even to keep through the retrieval.

She explained that people who do not have heating, don’t have water, need a place to stay for some passage of time, and that’s what that chief disaster declaration will help address, or that is our hope.

A winter storm that carried frigid temperatures and ice and snow to the Texas state and an extensive electric outage as the state’s power grid failed, which left thousands without water and heat. Furthermore, the winter storm led to around seventy deaths on the south side of the state.