U.S. President defends his initial COVID-19 actions

U.S. President defends his initial actions against COVID-19 pandemic

On Monday, the American President Donald Trump mounted a heated defense of the response of his administration to the COVID-19 during the aggressive briefing, as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to elucidate his remarks one day earlier that lives might save if the United States officials responded earlier.

The U.S. President praised his move to suspend flights from China in late January, and he said his decision saved hundreds and thousands of lives. Moreover, he criticized both the media and Democrats for slamming the move to shut down the flights from China into the U.S. Trump said that he could keep it open, and he took the same steps as some other countries did. If they didn’t move in that direction in January, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be dead. They did all this right.

During the daily basis briefing of the White House coronavirus task force, Fauci says that his Sunday remarks on CNN’s State of the Union were not complete, and Trump was not to guilt for the chaos novel coronavirus has created on the country. On Sunday, Fauci said he meant that if the administration of the White House started the mitigation earlier, it might save a huge number of lives. No one is going to deny this reality definitely. However, what goes into this type of complicated decisions.

U.S. President defends his initial actions against COVID-19 pandemic

Fauci tried to defend Trump’s position

Summoned to the Trump’s stage, Dr. Fauci tried to dismiss the clarification that his remarks meant the possibly someone’s fault here, before going on to defend the U.S. President and say that Trump always led the advice of the public health officials whenever they suggested. His comments initiated a flame of controversy that Trump planned to fire Fauci, which gained a hike when the president retweeted a message of DeAnna Lorraine that include the #FireFauci.

On Monday, the administration of Trump tried to clarify the issue by saying that the response to the twitter post lost the point, and the president tried to respond to falsehood from the media about the COVID-19 epidemic response. Hogan Gidley, the deputy press secretary of the White House, states that the media is ridiculous, and Trump is not firing Mr. Fauci. The tweets of Trump clearly exposed the silly efforts of media to nastily push a false story about his decision regarding China in an effort to rewrite history.

During the press briefing of Monday, Dr. Fauci denied that anybody in the administration forced him to clarify his comments. He did all the actions voluntarily. So, please do not even imply these types of falsehood.

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