U.S President administration to enlarge restrictions for border and travel amid COVID-19

Trump administration to enlarge border measures amid COV
UNITED STATES - AUGUST 23: Razor wire is strung along the U.S. and Mexico sides of a port of entry in El Paso, Texas on Aug. 23, 2019. (Photo by Jinitzail Hernández/CQ Roll Call)

This week, the administration of President Trump is going to enlarge travel guidelines and severe border control measures about the pandemic Coronavirus, said by two officials from the administration.

The updated account of guidelines shows that although, America is going toward reopening, the federal Govt. is not thinking about relaxing the measures set in place in March that significantly halted the United States to avoid the Coronavirus epidemic.

America is not the only one that is closing its borders to stop the pandemic Coronavirus, but all around the world, especially those countries that are neighbors to the United States are also limited the borders. Moreover, in April, since the first imposing the measures, the President’s administration has enlarged them once.

Last week, Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security Secretary, told news reporters that those measures do expire here on May 21. He continued that they will likely see at expanding those measures, as the nation sustains to be a phased reopening approach, governor by governors, state by state, and they were looking at this as well.

U.S President administration to enlarge restrictions for border and travel amid COVID-19

Justin Trudeau said borders will be closed for June

Last week, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, even proposed that the Canada-US border would be close for the June month. Furthermore, the deal as it put bans on each non-crucial travel, but commercial traffic will be continued.

The spokesperson of Homeland Security’s Department said to a media outlet that the United States has an admirable appreciation for the struggles of our companions in Mexico and Canada to confirm that North America is operating together to fight the epidemic that is created by the virus well known as Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Till now, there is no formal decision occurred, and the U.S. will keep maintaining the present guidelines on travelers that will cross our borders without having any essential work for as extensive as it is important, although backing cross border activities that secure their economy, supply security, health, and critical industries.

The restrictions of travel at the United States Southern and Northern borders are the series of changes against the pandemic Coronavirus.

Above two dozen health officials on Monday, while heading public medical schools and health schools and even hospitals, cast ambiguous about the basis of these guidelines.

In a letter, they said to the health and Human Services Department that the country’s public health acts shouldn’t be used as a pretext for overriding humanitarian acts and treaties that offer life-securing protections to migrants searching shelter and unaccompanied children.