The U.S. and U.K plan to establish strong bond but tensions escalate 

The U.S. and U.K Commit to establish strong bond but tensions escalate
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Joe Biden (American President) and Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) are likely to reiterate their relationship on the occasion of the Groups of Seven (G-7) meeting, even with cautions from Washington over Brexit concerns.

On Thursday, in Cornwall, southwestern England, both leaders have decided to deal with an ‘Atlantic Character’ after they had their first physical summit since Joe Biden took office in the first month of the year.

The pact will be depicted on the historic 1941 combined declaration made by Franklin D Roosevelt (then-President) and Winston Churchill (then-President), which presented London and Washington’s vision for a novel world record after the 2nd World War.

American President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also purportedly build a team to review resuming US-UK travel, which has been disordered by the pandemic Coronavirus, and negotiate how to deliver COVID-19 vaccine doses to the low-and middle-income countries.

The negotiations seem to be faded as Joe Biden threatened U.K. prime minister over concerns in Northern Ireland made by the U.K.’s departure from the E.U. (European Union).

The U.S. and U.K Commit to establish strong bond but tensions escalate
The U.S. and U.K Commit to establish strong bond but tensions escalate,
Source: Web

Joe Biden is worried that the U.K. prime minister’s fiery rejections of the alliance over the Brexit pact’s nominal Northern Ireland standard may weaken the 1998 American-brokered peace agreement that also known as ‘the Good Friday Agreement’ that finished after thirty years of killing in the region.

Biden is crystal clear about the Good Friday Agreement

Jake Sullivan (American national security advisor) described to news reporters while flying on ‘Air Force One that Joe Biden has been crystal clear regarding the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ as a base for passive co-existence in the region.

He said that any protocol or action that undermines it or imperil it wouldn’t be greeted by America. Moreover, the American President’s U.K. tour came as a first abroad visit since stepping into the office.

After attending a summit with Boris Johnson, Biden is going to join the ‘Group of Seven’ meeting in Cornwall that includes the British Prime Minister and also the leaders of Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, and France.

After this, on Monday, the American President is likely to join a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meeting, and EU-US summit on Tuesday. After this, Biden would meet with Vladimir Putin (Russian President) in Geneva.

James Bays at Al Jazeera said that Joe Biden planned to combine his partners close after former President Donald Trump’s years. He continued that they are going to see that with the allies of the ‘Groups of Seven’ or G-7 first, then with the NATO coalition, which surely took a bruising after Donald Trump then with the European Union.