Ty Burrell is granting relief for restaurant employees affected by coronavirus closures

Ty Burrell is granting relief for restaurant employees affected by coronavirus closures

After 11 successful seasons, Ty Burrell’s hit season “Modern Family” is reaching its end this week, and he decided to help the restaurant employees by offering them a relief package, especially for those who severely hit by pandemic Coronavirus.

Both Ty Burrell and his wife are the owners of two bars located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both have deeply observed the restaurant workers that how the epidemic affected the restaurant employees abruptly out of work.

On Thursday’s interview, Burrell said to CNN that his wish to do something for jobless workers. So he decided to start the Tip Your Server Initiative by teaming up with Downtown Alliance and Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Mayor.

Ty Burrell described that Salt Lake City was hit two times, series of earthquakes and the novel Coronavirus crisis. He continued that more than 15,000 restaurant employees are jobless right now.

The Burrells have made a donation of 100,000 dollars to help the people. Moreover, they are also going to relief the workers of beverage and food by offering them 2,000 dollars. Besides, Burrell has a special bonding with the restaurant industry that occupies an important place in his heart.

Ty Burrell helps for restaurant employees affected by coronavirus closures

What is Burrell’s connection with restaurant industry?

He told that he was a waiter in the beginning and was a terrible and awful waiter, but he was a waiter. He added that to face unemployment for this industry is very hard, and most of them are part-timers without any advantage so, it’s a particularly weak part of our population.

While talking to CNN, he said that he watched the finale of “Modern Family” with his family, and that was the first time when his daughters had seen the show.

Burrell told that his daughters are 8 and 10. He felt that they would wait until they grow up a little bit. He added that maximum stuff wasn’t understandable for them. Furthermore, it was also weird for them to see their dad on the TV.

Burrell has decided to spend maximum time with his family and said that he is working on different things to get in, but now he had to take a year off from any on-camera stuff.