Twenty Indian troopes killed in China-India border clashes

Twenty Indian troopes killed in China-India border clashes
Indian troops killed by Chinese army, Source: Web

Chinese and Indian militaries fought on the border overnight that caused twenty Indian soldiers to die and brought up with their first casualties in decades.

Spokesperson of the Indian military, Col. Aman Anand, told a media outlet that Chinese and Indian troops have disconnected at the Galwan region where they had previously clashed on 15-16 June 2020. He continued that seventeen Indian soldiers who were wounded in the line of duty at the standoff position with sub-zero temperatures and even in high altitude areas have succumbed to their injuries, getting the overall that were killed in action to twenty.

He added that the Indian military is strongly committed to secure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. Moreover, the clashes overnight came up as growth in conflicts between India and China over the previous few weeks.

Chinese soldiers entered Indian land

On Friday, after few weeks of tensions, the Daily Telegraph described that around 12,000 Chinese soldiers had crossed Indian ground in Laddakh, which is located in the northeast side of the country.

China and India have pushed into a war atmosphere due to disputed land at the Himalayan border in 1962 and the Indian military made an announcement and declared the first deaths over that conflict in the previous forty years.

Twenty Indian soldiers killed in China-India border conflicts
Indian troops in a group, Source: Web

A politics lecturer at London’s Queen Mary University, Dr. Elizabeth Chaterjee told a media outlet, ABC News, that the reasons for the clash are historical in origin, the previous actions can be credited in part to increasing strategic partnership of India with the United States at the cost of Chinese influence.

She continued that the growing clash has been decided by newly aggressive China, acquiring the benefit of the COVID-19 disaster to put itself on the disputed boundary with India around Taiwan and as well as in Hong Kong. Furthermore, she added that China got irritation by the criticism of India of the Belt and Road Initiative and even defense collaboration with Japan, the United States, and Vietnam, intended at encompassing China Expansion. Meanwhile, China’s hold only sustained to tense over the Himalayan boundary area, and after this, it lends vast sums to its near ally Pakistan, which is supposed India’s enemy, for CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor).

The exact number of deaths on both edges is still not precise, and thus far, Chinese officials didn’t air any statement about the damage on their side.

Chinese media reported that the foreign minister of China said that Indian soldiers adopted ‘violent acts’ to assault Chinese troops. But on the other side, Chaterjee said that there was nothing occurred related to gun-firing, but the battle was covered in secrecy.

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