Trump’s top aides consider resigning as Matt Pottinger quits amid Capitol riot

Trump's top aides consider resigning as Matt Pottinger quits amid Capitol riot
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On Wednesday afternoon, Matt Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser of President Trump, resigned in response to President Trump’s reaction to a crowd of his followers in the United States Capitol, a source close to Matt Pottinger describes to CNN.

The source said that Pottinger told the public there was a very small for him to consider. Several sources close to Trump aides shared that many of President Trump’s leading national security advisors, including Robert O’Brien (national security advisor), are thinking about quitting after his reaction to violence and chaos. Moreover, sources also mentioned that Chris Liddell (Deputy Chief Staff) is even thinking about quitting.

O’Brien defended Mike Pence

Robert O’Brien made an effort to defend Mike Pence, after President Trump has been dealt with a refusal from Mike Pence to do his bidding, instead of the mob’s maneuver on Capitol Hill. Besides this, O’Brien even described that Mike Pence showed his bravery after President Trump slammed him.

He said that he just spoke with Mike Pence. Vice President is a genuinely fine and decent person and showed courage today when he did at the U.S. Capitol on 9/11 as a Congressman. O’Brien continued that he is proud to serve with him.

Trump's top aides consider resigning as Pottinger quits amid Capitol riot
President Donald Trump’s top aides consider resigning as Pottinger quits amid Capitol riot,
Source: Web

Liddle, Pottinger, and O’Brien didn’t quickly answer to requests for comment. Currently, President Donald Trump is being slammed by his own aides for his reaction regarding the Capitol event, including the President’s favor for his supporters and justifying the mob’s activity.

Donald Trump, earlier Wednesday, described his followers crowd on the Ellipse close to the White House that he decided to march with the mob to the U.S. Capitol. President added, at his rally on the Ellipse, that they are going to walk down to the U.S. Capitol, and they are going to cheer on their brave senators and congressmen and women. He said that they are probably not to be cheering because you will never take back our nation with weakness, you have to demonstrate strength, and you have to be strong.

After this, President Trump missed the march, came back to the White House in a bulletproof SUV, and hunkered indoors. In a video clip published to social media when the crowd attacked Capitol Police and forcibly entered into the legislative building of the country. In the video clip, President Trump said that he knows your pain and he knows you are hurt. He further described that they had an election that was stolen from them.