Trump’s brother attempts to block Mary Trump’s book, report says

Trump's brother attempts to block Mary Trump's book, report says
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On Tuesday, Robert Trump, President Trump’s brother, went to court in an effort to avert Mary Trump, his niece, to publish a family tell-all book, confirmed by many reports.

Fred Trump Jr., older brother of President Trump, is the father of Mary Trump, who passed away in 1981. Mary Trump’s book title is, ‘Too-Much-and-Never-Enough: How My-Family Created the World’s, Most-Dangerous Man.’

The book was expected to be published on 28 July by Simon and Schuster, and description describes she shines a bright light on dark history of her family to explain how Mary Trump’s uncle became the person who now threatens economic security, the whole world’s health, and social fabric.

The action, submitted by the lawyers of Robert Trump, requires a restriction to stop Mary Trump along with publishing firm from releasing her book. They said that family members had made a settlement deal 2 decades before, which was linked to the wish of President Trump’s father, Fred Trump, New York’s real estate developer. Moreover, that deal added a private clause which demonstrated that they wouldn’t ‘publish any account relating the litigation or their relation-ship,’ until settled among all parties.

Robert Trump also said that he will never allow the book which is going to be published and claimed that it was restricted by the settlement that occurred in 2001.

Trump's brother attempts to block Mary Trump's family tell-all book
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Trump opposed Mary Trump’s book to be published

In a statement, lawyer Thodore Boutrous Jr., Mary Trump’s representative, said that Donald Trump, along with his siblings, are trying to suppress the book that will negotiate the matters of maximum public importance. He continued that they are following this illegal prior restraint because they don’t want American people to be aware of the truth. Besides this, the courts won’t bear this baseless attempt to squelch talking in violation of the ‘First Amendment.’

Last week, during an interview, President Donald Trump previously said that Mary Trump is not permitted to write a book because of the nondisclosure deal which she signed.

President Donald Trump told Axios that she is not permitted to write a book. He added that you know when we made a deal with her and her brother, whom with I have a good relationship, she has a brother named Fred, but when we settled and made a deal, she has a complete, signed a nondisclosure.

Although Simon and Schuster official, in a statement, described that he was totally confident and effort to stop publican would fail.