Trump suspends WHO funding over COVID-19 handling

Trump suspends WHO funding over handling of coronavirus handling

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, announced that he stopped the funding to the World Health Organization after the conduction of a review. The president said that the review would cover the role of WHO in seriously mishandling and covering up the novel coronavirus spread.

The announcement of Trump comes in the mid of the deadly worldwide pandemic in last several decades as he wrathfully defends his own role to handle the outbreak in the U.S. Among whirling questions about whether he restrained the crisis or elsewhere ignored the warnings from the Congress members about his potential sternness, Trump pursued to assign responsibility elsewhere, including at the World Health Organization as well as the news media.

Trump said that the funds from the United States with worth $400 million to $500 million to the WHO every year, noting that China only donates approximately $40 million. He said, had the health organization done its job to get medical professionals into China to accurately and timely assess the situation on the ground and to exclaim the lack of transparency of China, the pandemic may contain at its source with very negligible death.

The decision of Trump to suspend funding to the WHO, follows a pattern of the uncertainty of global organizations, that started well before the COVID-19 epidemic. The president asked the United States funding to the UN, withdrawn from worldwide climate pacts, and criticized the World Trade Organization, suing them to rip off the United States.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut statement on the current situation

Chris Murphy, the Democratic Senator of Connecticut, who gave his services on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that while China and the World Health Organization made mistakes to handle the pandemic, Trump also looked to deflect responsibility from his own administration. At present, the White House and their allies in coordination with each other making efforts to interrogate culprits for the deadly mistakes that Donald Trump made during the initial stages of the coronavirus, he said.

Trump suspends WHO funding over COVID-19 handling

Murphy adds that it is madly ironic that Trump and his allies are now blaming the WHO or China for soft actions on China when actually the U.S. President, who was the leading defender for China during the initial stages of the virus crisis. On Tuesday, Trump said that if the WHO acted properly at the start of the pandemic, he might able to deploy travel ban sooner on people coming from China. However, the WHO made a costly and fatal decision to oppose the travel ban from China.

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