Trump slammed the Supreme Court’s decision over his tax records

Trump slammed the Supreme Court's decision over his tax records
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On Monday, ex-President Donald Trump criticized the Supreme Court for refusing to stop the turnover of his tax history to a New York attorney, citing it as a continuation of the significant political Witch Hunt in the history of their country.

The Supreme Court’s move is the ostensible conclusion of a long-running legal conflict that had earlier knocked at the court once before. Moreover, Donald Trump’s tax history shouldn’t be supposed to uncover publicly as part of a lawyer’s criminal investigation, but the court’s move had acted like a big jerk for Donald Trump because he has been hiding his tax records for so long.

Why is Trump hiding his tax records?

Former president’s tax records could lead to significant issues after stepping away from the presidency. He mentioned it as a fishing expedition and a continuation of the witch hunt.

On Monday, in a statement, Trump criticized inquiries that afflicted his rule as a President of the United States, which added former Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigation. Trump called it never ending 32 million dollars Muller hoax, where they find no collusion, and the two ridiculous Crazy Nancy inspired impeachment trials where he was not found guilty.

Trump slammed the Supreme Court's decision over his tax records
Trump slammed the Supreme Court’s decision over his tax records,
Source: Web

Trump added that it never ends. Now, for above two years, New York City has been looking at around every transaction he has ever done, including seeing at tax returns which were done by among the most prestigious law and accounting companies in the Untidy States. Furthermore, the former president claimed that the Supreme Court should never have let this fishing expedition happen, but the court did.

It has never happened to any U.S. President

Donald Trump described that this is something which has never been faced by a President before, it is totally in a Democrat location, New York and State, entirely handled and highlighted by a heavily reported enemy of him, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Trump explained that the new process of headhunting prosecutors and AGs (who are using law as a weapon) is a danger to the very foundation of their liberty. He continued that’s what is done in 3rd world nations.

The former president detailed that even worse are those who operate for attorney general or prosecutorial offices in far-left states and jurisdictions promising to take out the political rival. He said that elected officials don’t care, but all they concentrate on is the persecution of Donald Trump.