President Trump orders ByteDance to divest interest in American operations

President Trump orders ByteDance to divest interest in American operations
TikTok facing difficulty to continue its working in the United States, Source: Web

On Friday evening, Mr. President, Donald Trump, approved an executive order directing Chinese parent firm of Tik Tok, ByteDance, to deprive interest in the application’s U.S. operations within the upcoming ninety days.

 President briefed in the executive order that he thinks there is a reliable indication that Chinese parent company ByteDance could make a move that threatens to harm the national security of the U.S. following the firm’s acquisition of the app.

This is a recent action in the dramatic ups and downs between President Donald Trump and the most popular video platform, TikTok, since he said that he would restrict Tik Tok from working in the United States. Moreover, last week, President issued an order that would put restriction on TikTok from operating in the United States within 45 days in case if it is not traded.

But the order issued on Friday night particularly orders parent company of Tik Tok, ByteDnace, to eradicate all data and information received from American Tik Tok owners and update the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States once it got completed.

U.S. President orders ByteDance to divest interest in American operations
President Trump vs ByteDance (Parent company of TikTok),
Source: Web

ByteDance must certify its obedience with the committee

The company must certify on a weekly basis that it is in obedience with the direct to the committee, which is permitted to get measures to detect the order’s implementation, including permitting American govt. workers to reach all facilities and premises of the company, Tik Tok and other ByteDance’s subsidiaries operating in the United States.

William Barr, Attorney General, holds the authority to make any necessary move to enforce the instruction.  Furthermore, the order even needs ByteDance to inform the committee of any planned trading or transfer and clearly states that the authority can consider whether the transferee or buyer is an American citizen or American citizens.

As TikTok wants to alive its American presence, on the other side, Microsoft came up with full potential, although unlikely, a protector for the platform.

Earlier this month, the firm described that it was moving ahead with conversations to obtain TikTOk, following the negotiation between President Donald Trump and CEO Satya Nadella.

Although the transaction would be complex and much difficult to achieve, and the company (Microsoft) has shifted strategies from consumers in previous years.

Besides this, analysts described that the agreement would be worthwhile for both firms. TikTok has emerged explosively in the United States and several other Western countries and became the first Chinese platform to get significant interaction with its users outside of its land.