Trump denied to order remove protestors forcibly

Trump denied to order remove protestors forcibly
Trump moving towards the church. Source: web

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the United States President, denied that he gave orders peaceful protestors to go forcibly so he can easily go to a church which is near to the White House, amid severe criticism for the clampdown.

President Trump said that when I said, go to church, I did not know protestors or not. He added that no one told me that, and they said, yes sir, we will go to church.

Chemical irritants used to remove protestors

On Monday, the law enforcement used smoke canisters and chemical irritants to remove peaceful protestors from the park, Lafayette, which is located at north of the White House, abruptly before President Trump headed toward the church to take a picture with a Bible and with his assistants.

Trump denies ordering protesters removed for church photo op
Trump holding up Bible. Source: Web

While interviewing with a media outlet, he described that when he went, he didn’t say, oh, move them out, he didn’t know who was there. He continued that he figured he was going to move over to the church, very nearby.

Furthermore, he said that we moved over to the church, and that was very quick, he thought it was very symbolic. He held up a bible, and he thought that is a good thing, not a bad one.

President Trump terminated the criticism and said that it was the other side that did not praise Trump’s visit. He even said that the leaders of the church loved it when he went there with a Bible.

McEnany defending officers

On Wednesday, Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary of the White House, favored the officers as they stand in self-defense by saying that they used less force that they ensure the situation was safe, to ensure church wouldn’t burn the 2nd night in a row.

Trump denied to order remove protestors forcibly
Trump with his aides, Source: Web

In a Tuesday statement, the park police of the United States said that the participants of the protest threw frozen water bottles, bricks, and caustic liquids. On the other side, reporters at sight said that protestors were fully peaceful.

White House press secretary told that whenever a cop is at risk, then they have the right to protect themselves. While supporting officers, she also said that they did it so peacefully.

During an interview, President Donald Trump even downplayed being taken to an underground bunker at the time when protestors were protesting on Friday outside the White House, and the whole building was put on lockdown.

Although Trump clearly denied that he had moved down amid protests instead to structure inspection of the bunker. He told that they said it is a good time to go down and watch because maybe you will require it.