Trump attacks Biden on Labor Day from his home  

Trump attacks Biden on Labor Day from his home  
President Donald Trump, Source: Web

Incumbent presidents, who have to face a hectic 2 months competition of their reelection destiny, don’t usually stick to their homes on Labor Day. 

Bill Clinton, the president in 1996, was guaranteeing a bridge to the 21st century in Milwaukee. In 2004, George Bush was calling John Kerry (a politician) an Iraq War flip flopper in Missouri. Moreover, former President Barack Obama negotiated his auto bailout in 2012 in Toledo, Ohio, but just after visiting hurricane destruction on the Gulf Coast.

On Monday, for Donald Trump, a tour to his front steps appeared far adequate. Calling news reporters to the White House North Portico for the noon news meeting, President Trump again used the executive hall as a political stage, a moral line he began bending a few months ago, but he cracked and threw away entirely in the previous month’s RNC (Republican National Convention).

 Coming from the wooden doors with rude behavior and greeting, ‘Happy Labors, Labor Day’ President Trump wasted a small amount of time before becoming offensive on his opponent Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, who instead was having time with labor leaders in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Biden wasn’t the only one to face Trump’s criticism

President Trump said that Joe Biden is a stupid person, you know that. President said underneath the Federal style portico, that was included in 1829 to the building to shelter visitors to the front door of the president on horseback. Besides this, Joe Biden wasn’t only kept eyes on Joe Biden.   

President Donald Trump attacks Biden on Labor Day while staying at home
Trump attacking Biden and calling him a stupid person,
Source: Web

After this, he ran onto Sen. Kamala Harris (Joe Biden’s running mate) to question the protection of the COVID-19 vaccine that seemed rushed to the market before Election-Day, also Trump added to the project a quicker timeline that health officials have advised is unrealistic.

Furthermore, President Trump secured himself against allegations he showed a lack of respect for the military, and even he alleged leading Pentagon officials of operating to enrich U.S. military contractors at the cost of troops.  

President Trump asserted that he was halting efforts to reassess United States history to take into account the happenings of oppressed groups, also when he described being against ‘cancel culture.’

President even founded annoyed as news reporters tried to question him while covering his face with a mask, an exercise he has inconsistently recommended to avoid the blowout of the pandemic Coronavirus and even making fun of those who followed the health measures.