Liverpool star, Trent Alexander-Arnold wants to develop a new legacy

Liverpool star, Trent Alexander-Arnold wants to develop a new legacy
Trent Alexander-Arnold with trophy, Source: Web

Just at the age of 21, he is known as Champion League winner, Club World Cup winner, and English Premier League winner. On Thursday, after securing first league title, Alexander-Arnold said to a media outlet, CNN Sport, that it is very hard even to explain what is actually happened, I am over the moon.

 Earlier, he celebrated this success with his clubmates even with the coaching staff at the city’s golf resort when they watched Chelsea’s victory (2-1) against Manchester City.

Although he confesses that it was not a fairway, he pictured that historic moment of his life playing out in the imagination. Moreover, he grinned and added that he always dreamt of it as the last-minute winner, it was tight title race up till the last minute, and they had scored an equalizer to win the Premier League.

He picturized that moment with his fans in the stadium, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the games are being resumed behind the close doors.

Trent Alexander-Arnold wants to make a new legacy
Trent Alexander-Arnold with teammates, Source: Web

Alexander-Arnold caught the eye of Gerrard

He joined the club when he was 6 years old and abruptly noticed by Steven Gerrard, the legend of the club. Furthermore, Gerrard played for Liverpool, which closely lost the title in 2014 along with Luis Suarez, said in his autobiography in 2016 that Trent has an excellent opportunity to drive himself towards the leading professional, he has got a lovely frame and looks to have all the things you need.

It’s not an ordinary matter when a legend praises someone, and Alexandra-Arnold has used it as an inspiration.

He said that a hero (Gerrard), an icon, a legend, and a person who I always seemed to, a person who I try to become and who I want to copy.

Liverpool star bids to make a new dynasty 1
Trent Alexander-Arnold shooting kick
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He continued that he was proud of him acknowledging his talents and singling him out individually as someone with a bright future. Besides this, he described that it was a great honor for him that he always used him (Gerrard) as an inspiration to acquire a better place as a player.

In October 2016, he made his first team debut match; he has turned his actions from strength to more strength, and now-here is a result that the whole world acknowledged him as one of the best footballers at a very young age.

Although Trent Alexander-Arnold, does not want the club’s or his persistent pursuit of success to cross here, he just wants to develop a new legacy.