Most beneficial tips to reduce COVID-19 risk on Election Day

Most effective tips to Coronaviruus threat on Election Day
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Millions of American people still have to cast their votes, despite the recorded presence of Americans in the early voting in several states. It means that long lines will be expected on Election Day so, slow-running lines at a polling station particularly increase your risk of contracting Coronavirus, especially when there is no assurance the persons around you will be covering their faces with masks.

A media outlet investigation suggested that most of the states with face mask mandates will not force people to put on a face mask as they cast their votes.

 There is a strategy to decrease the risk of getting COVID-19. The following are some of the crucial points for voters to cast their votes safely.

Wait outside

People should prefer standing outdoors than indoors because there would be congested airflow, which in turn increases the risk of getting Coronavirus. So, Americans should go to that polling station that would reduce your indoor wait to minimum.

In an interview, Dr. Marybeth Sexton described that her polling place historically completes with a two-way line sneaking up and down a big enclosed hallway, which isn’t something that people would want to do at this time.

Most beneficial tips to reduce COVID-19 risk on Election Day
A few simple tips that can reduce COVID-19 risk on Election Day,
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Choose a less busy part of the day to cast a vote

Usually, Americans mostly try to cast their votes before or after work or during lunch time. Here is a beneficial tip for you that will encounter fewer lines so, try to vote at midmorning or early to midafternoon. Moreover, you should stay in contact with friends, which will help you to monitor the crowd at the polling station.

Say no to local transportation

If people can’t drive, they should not compromise their safety by using crowded trains or busses. Select a private or public service, if possible, that will offer you an individual pick up service.

Wear mask carefully

you should select an appropriate mask through which you can’t see anything. Most of the studies proposed that cotton face masks with 2 or 3 layers of fabric are way more efficient than single layer masks.

Hide your nose along with mouth, please

Officials have said that it is not protective to stand in a long line with your nose uncovered if your mouth is covered.  It is because most of the people wear masks over mouth but don’t cover their nose, which entirely defeats the purpose of face masks.

Don’t compromise on social distancing measures

Prefer as much distance as you can, at least six feet necessarily, because you are not aware which of them is already getting Coronavirus. Furthermore, take your sanitizer with yourself and sanitize your hands after a few minutes repeatedly. Also, take your own swab or pen and prefer voting alone.