Timothy Hutton opposes rape claim by a former female actress, threatens to charge BuzzFeed for running story

Timothy Hutton opposes rape claim by a former female actress

Timothy Hutton has disproved the allegation, made by BuzzFeed, of raping 14 years old Canadian female actress in 1983 and even threatened the news company for the running scandal.

On Monday, in an extensive interview with BuzzFeed, Sera Dale Johnston told that Timothy Hutton raped the girl in a hotel named Vancouver, while she was just 14 years old. Moreover, Johnston also alleged that Hutton and his friends summoned the girl and her group in the hotel and offered them drinks, years before when Hutton was filming ‘Iceman’ in Canada near the seaport town. Former actress even described that Hutton also made her tense and asked her she ever did sex before removing her clothes while pushing himself on her.

Former actress reported that another friend of Hutton, who saw that rape, forcefully assaulted her to give him oral sex.

On Tuesday, Hutton has opposed the alleged rape, while in his statement to Fox News. Moreover, he also claimed that the former model and actress has tried to extort him.

Timothy Hutton denies rape claim by actress, threatens to sue BuzzFeed for running story

Furthermore, he also added that he has been facing such extortions that were made by a lady named Johnston to fetch millions of dollars from him, from the last two and a half years. Former actress also threatened him to fulfill her demands; otherwise, she would move towards the press with invalid claims that I sexually abused her, Hutton told.

Timothy Hutton consistently opposing all allegations on him and said that what’s going on, former actress’s allegation and extortion failed, then she started to defame him by threatening to go to media along with her invalid story. Hutton also told that he signed a sworn statement by FBI when he got informed by this story and also submit a criminal case against rival Johnston for her failed extortion.

Tom Clare, by the actor’s defamation counsel, described that there was no sexual assault. Clare also added that Hutton properly filed a criminal report to the FBI, years ago, and former female actress even submitted the complaint to the police. Defamation lawyer adds that the whole publication declared to be false and disregarded by third parties.

Clare told that he would be making a legal withdrawal to BuzzFeed on behalf of Tim Hutton and cautioned the actor to follow all the crucial steps related to filing the defamation legal actions to remove Hutton’s name and to hold Johnston and BuzzFeed for their baseless attempts to demolish Hutton’s career and reputation.