TCM is bringing its 2020 Classic Film Festival to your Home

TCM to bring its Classic Film Festival to viewers Home amid Coronavirus

Turner Classic Movies officials decided to cancel their yearly classic film festival of 2020 amid coronavirus outbreak. Whereas, its general manager came forward with an idea to do something special else in acknowledgment of the lost weekend. The head of programming, Charles Tabash, came back within forty-eight hours, even more, ambitious idea: Three and a half film days, appearances of special guest and star-studded segments from previous festivals to air on television in the well-being of viewers homes.

So, with the above thought, the TCM Classic Film Festival – Special Home Edition established. Ben Mankiewicz, the TCM host of the 12th March decision, said he got emotional while announcing to cancel the festival. The home festival planned for everyone stayed home due to the outspread. It is the best chance for viewers to re-watch some most admired films of all time. These include Faye Dunaway, Luise Rainer, Peter O’Toole, and Eva Marie Saint with some others.

Tribute to late Max Von Sydow

Changnon said that one could also pay tribute to just deceased legend such as Max Von Sydow: The Seventh Seal of Ingmar Bergman airs on 17th April 2020. Mankiewicz recalls being mainly scared to interview Von Sydow back in the festival of 2013. He praised him with the words: great, funny, lovely, and charming person.

TCM is bringing its 2020 Classic Film Festival to your Home

There was a disappointment everywhere after the cancelation of the festival, and the best option to run the show was in a comparatively different way, especially at a time when much of the world stays at home. The staff members are doing their best to pull together the classic film festival into a home festival by airing it. Mankiewicz said, he even up till 02:45 a.m. making scripts for the following day.

He adds that they are not doctors, not nurses or scientists. But they provide comfort to several of their fans by their work. At this moment, one can do something positive is to do whatever he is doing but keenly. Mankiewicz felt happy to do something that matters to viewers even at a smaller level.

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