Sport Meetings with medical officials to resume sport seasons

Sport Meetings with medical officials to resume sport seasons

The government decides to hold the first series of regular discussions that involve senior medical director of major sports in this week in a proposal to return action as soon as possible.

The action was mentioned by a source that was close to plans and aimed to assist sports resumes within a few weeks in the case only if progress is done.

The staff of the Chief Medical Officer would be participating in the weekly meetings. Moreover, the Prime Minister has been explained the whole plan.

For each sport, it would be specified and examined by the Health officials to check out what crucial protocols would be necessary to start each of them and operate them as soon as possible.

Social distancing, testing, hygiene standards, along with strict limitations of the number of people as an audience in the venue, would all be discussed.

That starts just days after Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary, said to MPs that he had very productive negotiations with the government persons that are from across British sport, to reopening the following games due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

All around the globe, sports are on hold because of the pandemic Coronavirus that almost affected the whole world and claimed above 19,000 people to death in the United Kingdom.

  • In England and wales, cricket remains postponed until the end of June.
  • Women Super League, the Premier League, and even English football seasons suspended, but in Scotland, the lower league has eliminated.
  • Golf Open Championship was expected to take place at Kent in July, that has ended along with 3 other men’s majors rearranged.
  • Rugby union’s Premiership is operating through a best-case scenario of moving back to action on the weekend of three to five July.
  • For Formula 1 season, the first 9 racers have ended the British Grand Prix that was arranged to take place in July.
  • The London Marathon was expected to be placed this weekend but now rescheduled for the month of October.

Sport Meetings with medical officials to resume sport seasons

The conferences are viewed that aimed to avoid to the further postponement to these seasons. These series would be reopened after once approval granted.

The government officials have recognized that at this time, sports would be held behind the close doors.

This week, Dowden told that Premier League was seeing some behind closed doors matches available free to air when the season resumes.

Officials are saying to be aware of commercial agreements with BT and Sky broadcasters and understand the importance of the revenue they develop to the sports more broadly.