Sarah Fuller, once again, created history to goal in the Power Five soccer match

Sarah Fuller, once again, created history to goal in the Power Five soccer match
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Once again, Sarah Fuller (Vanderbilt Kicker) has created history on the college soccer field. Bu this time, the lady came up as the 1st lady to score in a Power Five college football field.

On Saturday, during the game against the University of Tennessee, she progressively hit two more goals for Vanderbilt at Vanderbilt Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

She hit an extra goal in the first quarter as a Commodore score to tie the match at 7-7. Fuller’s team members gave Sarah Fuller high-fives and commemorated her historic goal after she walked off the ground to cheers from the audience. Moreover, Chris Garner (Center judge) offered Sarah Fuller the history creating ball.

After this in the match, Sarah Fuller kicked again as she counted one extra goal and Tennessee got victory 47-17. Furthermore, after this match, she praised her success to wearing lucky socks. Sarah Fuller took to Twitter and tweeted that honestly, it was the Harry Potter socks.

Sarah Fuller made history to goal in the Power Five soccer match
Sarah created history, once again, by scoring excellent goals,
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Women’s football team’s goalkeeper, Sarah Fuller, was appearing in the 2nd match for the Commodores soccer team. ESPN and school further explained that Fuller’s chance came because most of the Vanderbilt’s experts are in quarantine due to the pandemic Coronavirus.

Sarah Fuller made first history on 28 Nov

For the first time, Sarah Fuller created history on 28th November as Fuller became the 1st lady to play in a Power Five conference match and the 1st lady to formally take the ground during the soccer game in Southeastern Conference match-up.

The Power Five has contained Pac-12 Conference, Big 12 Conference, Big Ten Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference and the SEC.

Sarah Fuller, after the match, described to CNN that she was overwhelmed with calls of support from her family, friends and even professional athlete players such as Carli Lloyd (the United States Women’s National Team football player) and Russel Wilson (NFL quarterback).

She even said that she just had a couple of days to learn how to do this. Fuller continued that in the start, there was not much pressure, and she was just proud she was able to step out there and do that and represent lady athletes.

According to Vanderbilt, to boost other young ladies, Sarah wears the message ‘Play Like A Girl’ on the back of her helmet.