Russian Military Convoy Advances to Kyiv – Maxar Satellite Imagery

Maxar satellite images collected on Feb. 28 demonstrate a Russian military convoy North of Kyiv.

According to a U.S. space technology firm Maxar Technologies, satellite images collected on Feb. 28 demonstrate a Russian military convoy North of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, that stretches for nearly 64 kilometers, considerably longer than 27 kilometers informed a bit earlier. The U.S. private firm also said that additional deployments of land forces of the Russian military and attack helicopter units were noticed less than 32 kilometers North of the Ukrainian border.

Shelling and explosions were heard in embattled East Ukrainian cities as Moscow’s incursion met surprisingly firm opposition. Unfortunately, assault by the Russian Army on its neighbor entered its 5th day on Feb. 28.

A delegation from Ukraine held a meeting with Kremlin officials at the Belarusian border, though talks concluded with no deals but to keep discussing. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, urged Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a phone-call to stop the attack.

In the meantime, EU sanctions prompted by the incursion sent the Russian currency dropping, leading ordinary Russian people to gather at ATMs and banks. Moreover, Russia was banned from all international soccer, including qualifying contests for the 2022 Football World Cup, as Kremlin was pushed toward pariah state in sports for its large-scale attack on Ukraine.

Ground Happenings

Ukrainian capital Kyiv’s overtopped but strong-minded military personnel decelerated Russian advancement and held onto Kyiv and other major cities, at least for now. American officials said they anticipate the incursion has been more challenging than Moscow projected, though that could alter as Kremlin adapts. In addition, Moscow still lacked control of Ukraine’s airspace. As discussions between delegations from Russia and Ukraine ended near the border of Belarus, several explosions could be heard in the Ukrainian capital itself.

The Russian military has been forward-moving slowly on Kyiv. According to Maxar-collected satellite images, on 28th February, a Russian convoy comprising of numerous artillery and support vehicles, anti-tank warfare, armored fighting vehicles was only 25 kms from Kyiv center. It was anticipated earlier on 28th February to be seventeen miles long, but more satellite images displayed it stretching for about forty miles. The US space technology firm said the fresh images covered a larger area and were less obscured by clouds. Numerous buildings were watched burning closer to roads where the military convoy was moving.

On Monday, delegations from both countries met on the border of Ukraine with Belarus. The talks concluded with no instant reports of deals, but the Ukrainian President’s top advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said more discussions could occur anytime soon. Ahead of the negotiations, the Office of the Ukrainian President said the post-Soviet state would demand an immediate stoppage of war.

Russian Military Convoy Advances to Kyiv – Maxar Satellite Imagery
Russian Military Convoy Advances to Kyiv – Maxar Satellite Imagery
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Does Ukraine Want to Become EU Member?

In an action certain to provoke Moscow, Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky signed an application on Feb. 28, calling that Kyiv be permitted to become a member of the 27-nation EU. Moreover, he posted his images online of signing the request, and according to his Office, the paperwork was in the course of his journey to EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. However, the action was basically symbolic, as the East European country is far away from reaching the membership requirements of the bloc, and the EU is expansion-tired and not likely to enlist a new country as an EU member anytime soon.