Russia to extradite cybercriminals to America on reciprocal basis

Russia is ready to extradite cybercriminals to the U.S.

Russia to extradite cybercriminals to America on reciprocal basis
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On Sunday, Russian state media TAAS said that Vladimir Putin (Russian President) described that his country is ready to deport cyber convicts to America on a reciprocal basis.

According to the state-run media agency, the Russian President described to state Television channel Rossiya-1 that the United States and Russia should assume equal commitments. The news firm further said that Russia will naturally do that only if the United States decides to do the same in return. It means Russia extradites cybercriminals if the United States will also extradite corresponding convicts to the Russian government.

Vladimir Putin’s comment arrives before the June 16 meeting with Joe Biden (American President) in Geneva. The United States President described Sunday that at the ‘Group of Seven’ or ‘G-7’ news conference, he was encouraged by the Russian President’s earlier remarks and recognized that discussion is possible but is wary of Vladimir Putin ever changing his behavior.

Ransomware issues will be negotiated in the summit

On Wednesday, during a news conference, Ned Price (State Department spokesman) explained that the issue of ransomware attacks will be negotiated during the summit between Biden and Putin in Geneva.

Russia to extradite cybercriminals to America on reciprocal basis
Russia to extradite cybercriminals to America on reciprocal basis,
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The spokesperson continued that they have raised the problem of ransomware attacks with any number of nations, and that adds Russia. He said that he suspects, as you have heard from Washington, that this action will be a subject when the two leaders meet next week in Geneva.

Vladimir Putin, during his interview with the TV channel, explained that he thought his summit with Joe Biden would restore his relationship with America and make a functioning mechanism for direct dialogue on regions of mutual interest, including economic cooperation, regional skirmishes, and environmental protection, the news agency reported.

Vladimir Putting described that, in general, there is something to discuss about and there are common problems to negotiate.

On Thursday, Jen Psaki (the White House press secretary) described to ‘CBS This Morning’ that the United States president would be highlighting many issues of concern during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She said that Joe Biden’s concentration is on delivering messages that are significant to the United States people and using this summit as a chance to move their interest forward.

Psaki described that Joe Biden is going to increase areas where he has fear, whether it is the ransomware attacks or human rights violations, or the violence on the Ukraine border. Moreover, there are also subjects that they think they can work together.