Rupert Grint from “Harry Potter” franchise respond to J.K Rowling’s comments about trans community

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Rupert Grint is the recent member of the Harry Potter family who answered to recent comments made by JK Rowling on the transgender community.

JK Rowling took on Twitter and posted and tweeted she was making fun of that article, which was related to the people who menstruate, forcing writers to practice the term women for them.

The declaration angered several fans who mentioned those comments as transphobic, to which she answered on Twitter.

JK Rowling stated that if sex is not a real thing, then there is no same sex attraction, and if sex is not a real thing, then the living reality of women is removed. She added that she knew, and she loves the transgender community, but removing the idea of sex eradicates the ability of several meaningfully to discuss their lives. She ended the tweet by saying that It is not hate to speak the truth.

Fans even condemned her 2nd statement, encouraged her to write on the matter, and try to demonstrate her perspective.

Rupert Grint from "Harry Potter" franchise respond to J.K Rowling's comments about trans community
Rupert responded to JK Rowling’s comments, Source: Web

What Rupert Grint thinks about the trans community?

Rupert Grint, one of the primary characters in the Harry Potter series, has posted his words on that matter.

In a statement, Rupert Grint said that he firmly stands with the trans people and echo the matters demonstrated by many of my peers. He added that trans women and trans men are simply women and men, respectively. He continued that we all should be allowed to live our lives with love and without making judgments.

He joined his fellows’ league that includes Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, to support the trans community after JK Rowling’s hateful comments on the trans community.

Radcliffe published an essay, in which he writes that trans women are women and any declaration that removes the dignity and identity of trans community that goes to oppose all advice provided by health-care officials and associations who have acquired more expertise on that matter than us.

Emma Watson tweeted that transgender people are who they say, and they deserve to live their lives without facing any question or told they are not who people say they are. Furthermore, she added that she wants her transgender followers to know that she and many other people all around the globe see you, love you, and respect you for who you are.

Eddie Redmayne, another star in the Harry Potter franchise, also said that he totally disagrees with the writer’s thinking. Furthermore, actor Redmayne said that as someone who worked with both members of the transgender community and JK Rowling, he wanted to describe it absolutely clear where he stands, and he disagrees with comments made by Jo.