Rita Wilson’s first performance after coronavirus diagnosis at virtual NASCAR event

Rita Wilson's first performance after coronavirus diagnosis at virtual NASCAR event

Rita Wilson, the popular American singer, performed an admirable performance Sunday at NASCAR‘s iRacing event. She was tested positive for Coronavirus four weeks ago, and that was the first performance after her revealing of COVID-19.

Wilson performed with a guitar song along with great contrast of rap ‘HIP HOP Hooray’ in a melodious and earnest tone.

She was singing the national anthem of the United States “The Star Spangled Banner” with Truman Hanks, 24 years old son of Rita Wilson from her Los Angeles home, said by announcers, Jeff Gordon and Mike Joy.

Since the inception of the novel Coronavirus, NASCAR races were postponed last month, drivers playing virtually and challenging each other via the simulators that resemble with arcade racing games. Nielson said that those races were broadcasted adequately on Fox Sports with above one million viewers.

Rita Wilson performs for first time after coronavirus diagnosis at virtual NASCAR event

Although Rita Wilson is the only one who sang the national anthem came to support the NASCAR fans hope in this stressful time.

One of the fans has praised Wilson by saying that thanks for giving them hope. He added that we feel better when we see and hear you, Ms.Wilson.

Another fan’s commented that excellent job, the time when they get back toward real racing Ms.Wilson should be invited again to sing.

Both Ms.Wilson and Tom Hanks, her husband, reported that they tested positive for Coronavirus on 11th March, at that time when they were in Australia.

Hanks tweeted last Saturday that they went back to the United States when tested positive. Furthermore, both are following social distancing and quarantine themselves in a place.

Wilson told in a post that please take a moment today to understand the outstanding creation of your bodies even thank it for doing well.