Republican Contenders Had A Hot Debate, Trump Skipped

Seven GOP candidates appeared in a second 2024 presidential debate & had aggressive talks over the economy, immigrants & China and targeted Donald Trump.

Republican Contenders Had A Hot Debate, Trump Skipped

Seven Republican candidates appeared in a second 2024 presidential debate and had aggressive talks over the economy, immigrants, and China and targeted Donald Trump. Former President Trump skipped a critical occasion of pursuing the voters, and his solid political rival Ron DeSantis branded him “missing in action.” Two hours of the debate on Wednesday went increasingly hotter, and all the contenders attacked each other. The whole talk was high on a pitch, and at the end of the session, no candidate seized the momentum with a standout moment. The Republican nominee will finally face the Democrat nominee, likely President Biden, next year.

Following Republicans were part of the debate on the primetime showdown of Fox Business Network:

  • Former Vice President Mike Pence
  • North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
  • South Carolina Senator Tim Scott
  • Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

The debate was conducted at Ronald Ragon Presidential Library In Simi Valley, California. In the beginning, the talk went well in a modest mode, but with the passage of time, it became aggressive, and moderators lost control several times. Former President Trump is leading the Republican grounds by 40 points, and he had long indicated not to appear in debate. Ron DeSantis, a prominent critic of the former President, directly attacked him in his most fierce effort to influence Trump’s supporters.

Republicans Criticized Trump And China

DeSantis said America needed a White House leader who could serve two terms, but he said as a former seat occupant, Trump could do so. He was asked who should leave the race, but he declined and called it “disrespectful.” Trump’s former ally, Mr. Christie, became his critic and challenged him in the 2024 presidential race. He also targeted Trump and called him “Donald Duck,” alleging he could not defend his actions and decided to skip the debate. Chris Christie added Trump had made a division inside the party and had divided friends and families all over the nation. He demanded to send Trump out of the race.

Some of the more significant concerns among Republican voters were immigration and drugs across the United States’ southern border, and these two topics repeatedly came up in two-hour sessions. DeSantis pledged to take serious action against drug dealers and promised to treat them just like foreign terrorists.

Future relations with the Asian superpower, China, and the potential threats posed by it also came under discussion in the hot environment of political candidates’ debate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described that Washington’s elite has surrendered before the Chinese Communist Party, and he also targeted President Joe Biden’s administration for a tolerant policy towards Beijing. Mr. Pence expressed that Biden’s climate strategies only favored China. Ms. Haley grieved about the outpour of drugs from China to America through the Mexico border.

Republican Contenders Had A Hot Debate, Trump Skipped
Republican Contenders Had A Hot Debate, Trump Skipped
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Environment Remained Hot The Whole Time

President Biden was also criticized in the Republican debate. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott remarked that Biden should have focused on the southern border instead of joining Michigan’s striking auto workers union. Former Vice President Mike Pence said that the White House President should deeply see the unemployment issue within the country. A Republican candidate also described that Biden was interfering with free markets.

Overall, the second GOP debate didn’t go well, as the whole talk was based on interruptions, cross-talks, and objections between the candidates and moderators over speaking time. It is hard for the viewers to make a clear sense of the whole discussion, but it became worse for those political runners presenting themselves as a substitute for former President Trump, who was not present. Things became tough on that political stage, and Ron DeSantis and Haley looked almost absent for the first hour and were avoiding diving into complications. Moderators repeatedly attempted to bring the former Florida Governor into the talks, especially in the beginning, but he was absent in the first 15 minutes of the debate.

Ramaswamy performed better because he talked better and louder than his opponents. But he also faces turbulence as he repeatedly got caught by his own talking points and criticism by his fellow Republicans. Moderators lost control of the room several times, even in the first half hour, and they may face criticism over it. However, this debate told the voters a lot about what went on the stage and made a clear picture of the personnel part of the political fight from the Republican side.