Sergio Ramos achieved the milestone of 100 goals for Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos achieved the milestone of 100 goals for Real Madrid
Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid, Source: Web

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid captain, described that he thinks he can get several more records as his hundredth goal for his club. Sergio Ramos’ header provided Real Madrid a 2-0 lead against Inter Milan club when they got victory 3-2 for their 1st CL (Champion League) victory of the season.

It was Sergio Ramos’ 55th header for Real Madrid, on top of twenty-one penalties, twenty-two goals using his feet from open play, and two free-kicks.

 Sergio Ramos, 34, described that it is not bad, and individual records are secondary, but people like hitting them. He continued that as long as they keep on helping the side victory, then hopefully, he can get several more.

Ramos gave 22 trophies to Real Madrid

Ramos has scored fourteen Champions League (CL) goals in eleven seasons, and there are only two footballers (Raul and Karim Benzema) who have scored more than Sergio Ramos in Real Madrid. Moreover, he has touched seventy-four in La-Liga League, including 2 for Sevilla, and 7 in Spanish Cup. Overall, Sergio Ramos has played 659 times for the Real Madrid club and got the victory in twenty-two trophies.

Sergio Ramos record the milestone of hundred goals for Real Madrid
Sergio Ramos scored 100 goals in Real Madrid,
Source: Web

He scored twenty-three goals for Spain, which turns him into the leading defender in international history for his top scores. Sergio Ramos also scored 3 for Sevilla, which gave him a total figure of 126 goals.

In previous June, Sergio Ramos was marked as a top-scoring defender in La-Liga history and passed Ronald Koeman’s record of sixty-seven.

On Tuesday’s match, Real Madrid seemed in control as Sergio Ramos headed in Kroos’ corner to score 2-0 but inter battled return to the level before the victory of Rodrygo.

Sergio Ramos said that you have to leave like this, it was the final, death or life game. He added that when you see that they equalize, but you have to play it, go upstairs, and we bet on a card, and it turned out well.

Ramos is just the twenty-first player to score a hundred goals for Real Madrid, which took him to a level with Fernando Morientes and five goals behind Bale.

He has also scored some important goals for Real Madrid, including the 2016 Champions League final match against Atletico Madrid and, in 2014, an injury time equalizer. Besides this, he even scored 5 goals against Barcelona.