Rafael Nadal won’t take part at US Open title in New York

Rafael Nadal won't take part at US Open title in New York
Rafael Nadal, the world's 2nd best tennis player, Source: Web

Mentioning the complex nature of the whole world due to the pandemic Coronavirus, Rafael Nadal has picked not to defend his United States Open title late this month in Flushing Meadows, New York.

 On Tuesday, in a Tweet, Rafael Nadal said that he has opted not to play US Open this year. He added that the condition is very complex all across the world, the Coronavirus cases are surging, and it looks like they don’t have control of it.

Above 155,000 people of America are died from the COVID-19, and death figure is expected to reach 173,000 till 22 August, said by a novel composite prediction given by the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Rafa Nadal will not defend United States Open title in NY
Rafael Nadal won’t play at US Open title,
Source: Web

Rafael Nadal, the world’s No. 2 tennis player, is a four time United States Open winner and acquired nineteen grand slam singles titles, and he is one behind Roger Federer, who is also going to miss the US Open due to knee injury.

On Tuesday, the USTA declared that the world’s No 1 Novak Djokovic has reached the men’s singles for the 2020 Open, arranged on 31 August 13 September in New York.

Although those tennis players available on the entry list couldn’t essentially contest the United States Open, with several players to make their final decision whether they join the game or not.

On the list, there is three time winner, Djokovic, US Open championship, and six other tennis players from the top 10 of the global players, significantly Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem.

On the other hand, women’s side, the world’s number one Ashleigh Barty has previously declared she will not play in the US Open.